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Friday, April 25, 2008

One Month Left!

We are in the home stretch now, only 28 days left! I went to the Doctor today and Charlie has dropped and is still head down and ready to go. I am not currently dilated but I have been contracting a couple times an hour for the last few days. The doctor said there is no need to worry until they are 5 minutes apart for an hour. Here's to hopping we have a few more weeks before he shows up though, we are not quite ready!

According to the Doctor I should still be expecting an average size but very hyper baby if his heart rate is any indication, it was 180 bpm today! According to Charlie is now 19 inches long and about 6 pounds and should be gaining about an ounce a day. As of next week Charlie will be considered full term and Josh and I are so looking forward to getting to that point. Below is the picture I took today right at 36 weeks, I can tell now that Charlie is definitely grown some.

In other news, I start going to the Doctor every week, which I am hoping will make the next four weeks fly by. We are also finally going to take our hospital tour this weekend so we know where we need to go when the time is here, Josh and I both think this is very important. We also have a few busy weekends ahead so that should also help pass the time, lets just hope we have one relaxing weekend before Charlie makes his appearance!

36 weeks down 4 to go!

Friday, April 18, 2008

35 Weeks

We have made it to 35 weeks and can't hardly believe that in about 5 weeks we will be able to finally hold baby Charlie and see who he looks like. He is now about 18 inches long and about 5 and half pounds. He had pretty much run out of room so no more flipping around like a gymnast for him. His kidneys are now fully developed and he will spend these last few weeks maturing his lungs and putting on weight. Other then that it is now just a waiting game to see when he will actually make his entrance into this world. Below is a picture taken this morning at 35 weeks for anyone interested in checking out the bump.

In other news, this past weekend I had a shower in Birmingham that Megan and Caty threw for me. I had a blast and as usual I brought my camera and forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will try to remember for my next shower. Charlie got more great stuff including his Pack N' Play, the drop and go stroller, toys, diapers, bottles and just about anything else a baby could want! Josh and I are both so greatful that we have friends and family that love us and our little boy so much.

I have my next appointment on April 25 and the following day Josh and I will take the tour of the hospital. I just can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by, here's to hoping that the next 5 weeks will not drag by, but I know that with all the anticipation that is likely the case.

245 days down 35 to go!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chalires Latest Picture

On Wednesday Josh and I headed to the Doctor for my 34 week appointment, where we got another look at our little guy. He is currently in the vertex position, which means he is head down and ready to go. Both Josh and I are praying he stays this way and doesn't decide to flip in the next few weeks. According to the ultrasound Charlies is now a little over 5 pounds and is on his way to being an average sized baby at birth, so no 10 pound baby for me, praise the Lord! The rest of the appointment went as well as the ultrasound my blood pressure was perfect, weight gain still good and all of Charlies measurements are still consistent with his due date. I will go back in 2 weeks for my next appointment and then after that I will go every week, which means that we are getting to the end and will be able to hold him soon!

Below is Charlies latest profile picture, it sure has changed from the little peanut we first saw 26 weeks ago. He has gone from nice roomy quarters to slightly cramped at the moment. The whole time we were watching him on the screen it looked liked he kept kissing my tummy because there is so little space for him to go, I found it quit sweet.

34 weeks down only 6 to go!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Things Dixie Does!

This post is for entertainment sake, no updateds on the one baking. I was in Charlies room today doing a few things and Dixie as always was right by my side checking out what I was doing. I guess she got bored with what I was doing and decided to venture under the crib again. The last time she did this there was not a bed skirt and I really didn't think she would do it after I put the skirt on. Boy was I wrong.

At first all I could see of her was her tail sticking out, she had successfully managed to get under the crib.

After about a minute of being under the crib and I am assuming enjoying the darkness she decided to poke her nose and one paw out.

About another minute goes by and I go about doing what I was doing and she pokes her whole head out. I guess she needed to get a little bit more air.

She finally decided to exit the from under the crib after I left the room. I for one am very amused by this and happy she has taken to crawling under the crib and not trying to jump into it. Here's to hoping she won't want to jump in when Charlie is actually sleeping in the crib. As I write this now she is currently sleeping under the guest bed in the computer room with only her back end sticking out. I am just guessing she is enjoying the darkness and it is easier to sleep but who knows what goes through her mind.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Under 50 Days!

I can't hardly believe it but we are now under 50 days until Charlie will enter this world and we can actually hold him and see who he looks like. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and Charlie has reached the 17 inch mark and is a little over 4 pounds, according to babycenter that is the size of a pineapple. He will start to lose his wrinkled alien look and his skeleton will continue to harden this week. Charlie is also starting to run out of room in my belly and is using every available space he can, which generally means he usually has his feet lodged under my ribs. This usually means pain for mom and comfort for baby, but I guess that is what it is all about right now. Charlie should also be head down by now in preparation for birth. I added a picture I took this morning so everyone could see if I look like I am growing. Dixie felt like she needed to be in it as well!

As for other news, Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday, I can't hardly believe it has been three years. We went out for a nice dinner and this coming Tuesday we will be going to see Blue Man Group as our anniversary present to one another.
My next Doctors appointment is April 9th when we get to see our little guy again. I will be sure to post pictures of the Ultra Sound for everyone to see as well as Charlies stats.