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Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Little Bees!

It has been much harder to keep this blog up lately but I am trying my best. We have been super busy lately, with last minute trip to the beach, school, Halloween parties, soccer and just life in general.

Baby girl is now two months old and is still going great. She was 9lbs5oz and 23 1/4" long at her two month checkup. This put her in the 25% for weight and 90% for height. She is still go with the flow and just easy on general. We all love having her around and couldn't imagine life without her.

Coleman is approaching two years, whew that glee by! He is such a funny little guy and is very smart. The words and that come out of his mouth just blow my mind. He is very much like his big brother, he loves toys and better yet he loves toys that are lined up perfectly. He will play in the playroom for hours just like Charlie, I love his little personality!

Charlie is getting do big and right now he seems like 4 going on 15. He loves school and from what I can tell by his progress in the last few months he is doing great. If you asked him right now to go to kindergarten he would in a heartbeat, I on the other hand am not prepared for that adventure. He is still loving soccer but I have a feeling we will be leaving it behind on the spring for baseball. So there you have it a quick update on our super busy family, maybe I will be back to visit soon, I mean it really can't get much easy when I can update on my phone!