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Monday, August 29, 2011

A boy and a stick!

While one little boy was happily sweaty and sleeping another little boy was in hog heaven with something that washed up on shore!

A GREAT BIG STICK, was catching another little boys eye. This stick was bigger then any stick he would or could ever find in our back yard at home.

This boy got a hold of this stick and he drug it all around the beach and did not want to let go of it despite the fact that is was twice the size of him!

It took a while but this little guy was able to drag the stick clear across the beach. He never really did much else but drag the stick around but he sure did enjoy himself. I guess it is the simple things in life. While he was busy dragging a stick around his PePa was busy trying to catch a crab in the gulf, stay tuned for when he actually caught the crab!

Water Logged!

Charlie boy is a little fish, he could spend hours upon hours just floating around the pool and soaking up some sun! If he really wanted to he could even swim without his puddle jumper.

He loves, loves, loves to show off and jump in the pool and yell "Cannon Ball", usually you only hear cannon and ball is said under the water. He has come a long way from last year and not wanting to even get in the pool unless he was being held.

This little guy was doing some flirting while at the pool with a little girl named Claire, he was showing her how he could jump in with one foot up here. I will have to say watching a three year old flirt is quite amusing!

Not only does he love to jump in but he loves to go under and he is preparing to dunk himself here. He remembers to close his eyes but his mouth is another story. I have never witnessed a child have to get out of the pool so often to use the bathroom, I guess it is a good thing he tells us when he needs to go!

Little brother spent some time in the pool too but mommy was with him so sadly I have no pictures of my water baby floating around and enjoying himself! I will say that I am looking forward to fall but I am going to miss taking my boys to the pool!

Beach Bums!

This summer was one for the book at the Wood house, I would have to say it was probably one of the best summers ever and me not working has a lot to do with that. We got to spend a good bit of time at the beach soaking up the sun and being beach bums. Many of hours were spent playing in the sand and digging.

For one little boy he enjoyed several naps in the sun while his big brother played and played. He didn't seem to mind to much, I have a feeling he was enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the little breeze coming off the water.

There was much contemplating about going to the water to splash around or staying up in the sand to dig.

There were also several "come on mom", when one little boy wanted to go for a swim and splash and jump in the water with mommy.

We very much enjoyed being beach bums but we also loved the pool too, stay tuned for pool pictures and even a few more beach pictures that involve more sleeping and a lot more splashing and digging and maybe even dragging some sticks!

Gone Fishin'!

For months and months this little guy has been patiently waiting to get the chance to go fishing with his PePa. He was up bright and early and ready to go spend a few hour alone with his beloved PePa.
He was such a big help hauling all their gear out to the car, isn't my little man such a strong guy!? They each had their own fishing rod and Charlie got his very own brand new red life jacket!

Can you tell by his big cheese smile that he is so excited? There really are no words to describe how pumped he was you can just see it on his face, the pure joy of a three year old is priceless.

I am had to steal one more shot of his cute self before he took off, I am pretty sure he was done with me taking his picture at this point.

And they are finally off on their fishing adventure to the docks. No fish were caught but a good time was had by all involved. Charlie and PePa can't wait to go on another fishing adventure, maybe next time it will be on a boat!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eight Months!

Here I am finally, a week later, with a post about our sweet second born eighth month of life! Coleman is still such a happy and easy going baby and there isn't much that upsets him or can make him angry. He continues to be my snugly little guy, which is very different from his big brother who never wanted to be held, and I am soaking up every ounce of his snugly self.

This past month this little guy has found his lungs, but not to scream and cry but to squeal with delight. He loves to squeal so loud that it hurts your ears and he also loves to gasp and laugh. The squealing is usually due to the fact the someone else is eating in front of him and he wants to eat too, this kid can eat even though the scale doesn't reflect that. His big brother can get him gasping and laughing like now one else and I will have to say when the two are playing together it is by far the best thing for a mommy to see.

At eight months old this little guy is eating solids three times a day and he is taking some form of liquids 4 times a day. When I say solids I don't mean that mushy baby food either, this boy will take down a whole banana, and avocado, green beans, strawberries, cheerios and so much more, he would give any toddler a run for their money in the eating department.

Coleman had two teeth poke through this month, which was not much fun but we survived and it was only a few days. I was a little shocked since his brother didn't get teeth until he was almost ten months old. He doesn't really let me look at them but if he gives one of his big smile you can see those pearly whites on the bottom.

He isn't quite on the move yet but he is close, he can push up but he goes backwards just like big brother. To be honest I am not encouraging the whole crawling thing because the thought of having 2 mobile children scares me a little. I like sitting him in one spot and knowing that he is going to stay there but I am sure that will only last for a few more weeks.

And that about sums up this little guys month, I still can't believe he is eight months old and that in four short months he will be a year. I really would love to freeze time but on the other side I love seeing him grow and explore and learn new things. Happy eight months baby boy we love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you!

Baby Blue


Today my big boy started on a new adventure, he was off to his first day of 3k! He was so excited about his new school and his new classroom. He did great this morning, there were no tears when I dropped him off in car line, he gave me a kiss, hug, fist pump and a high five, I know a lot of stuff, and he was off to have fun. He got a great report today, he was happy all day and he managed to stay in the green bucket today, I hope this continues I don't want his fish to get moved to the red bucket at all. When I picked him up today he asked if he could go back so I am pretty sure he loved it and had a great day. Let's hope he has a great year and he learns a lot and has a little fun too!

Getting Ready to Leave!

Kisses for Brother!
So pumped about his Back Pack and Shark Lunch Box!