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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rocket Launcher!

We are still loving this spring/summer weather we are having here and we have been spending all our free daylight hours out side. Charlie has been showing his little brother the ropes when it comes to playing outside and yesterday was no exceptions when he showed his little brother how much fun the rocket launcher could be.
Said rocket launcher has seen better days, after all it is a year old and has spent some time outside in the elements and might or might not have been the victim of Dixie at one point. Non the less my boys were able to get the launcher to work and enjoyed some fun times together.
The set up, launch and retrieval went on for a good thirty minutes before they finally moved on to better things. There were many many laughs had by the boys while this was all going on, Coleman thought it was hysterical every time Charlie launched the rocket and Charlie would laugh so hard while retrieving the rocket. It really is a shame that my boys care nothing for each other and can't stand to be around each other! Just kidding, these boys sure do adore one another and you can just tell when they play together it is very evident!
After Charlie had finished with he rocket he decided to put it up, but one little boy just couldn't get enough of it and actually went back to get the rocket out. I am sure he was thinking I can do this myself if I only put my mind to it.
Coleman was able to get the rocket on the launcher but we never had a successful blast off, I am pretty sure he needs to watch brother a few more times before he gets the hand of it and he also will need to be able to jump more then one inch off the ground to send it flying. It looks like both my boys love rockets and a trip to MSFC in Huntsville will be in our future after all we need to show them our old stomping grounds!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

BW3 Half Way

Welcome to the half way point BW3, 20 weeks, 140 days! How is this even possible, this pregnancy has seemed to fly by up to this point and in one breath I would love for it to continue to move fast but in the next breath I want to savor this pregnancy and try not to rush things along as BW3 will more then likely be my last baby.
As of the 18 week BW3 was growing right on track and measuring perfect at the anatomy scan. This baby has been quite active, which was apparent during the U/S, unlike BW3's brothers who slept through theirs and were very stubborn this little one was dancing around and showing off, we even got a little wave. We did not give in either and find out even though this baby was being super cooperative and flashed the goods for the U/S tech right away! Right now there are only two people that know and neither are talking, the U/S tech and Coleman, so don't even try to ask!
I have been feeling little kicks and flips since about 16 weeks, which blows my mind as I didn't feel Charlie until almost 22 week and I felt Coleman in between 18 and 19 weeks. So far it seems that BW3 has a schedule and if very regular as to when he/she will be active. As many know this is a good thing for me because my babies lives run on a schedule and I am hoping that this baby will at least have a little bit of a schedule!
As I start to show, I am convinced that this is by far the biggest I have been with any of my babies by the half way point. Others will beg to differ and I hear quite regularly that if they didn't know I was pregnant they would not be able to tell. Can I tell you how much I dislike hearing that, lets just me honest I would rather look pregnant then look like I ate one to many burgers! But I guess this is just the way I was made to carry babies and no matter how many babies I have I will always show late, I am just thankful all my babies have measured on track even if this doesn't appear so from the way I am carrying them!
I will say that as the days move by faster and faster I am getting a little worried for what these summer months are going to hold. Y'all it is hot already and I can only imagine what the weather will be like as the summer progresses and I continue to grow. I am just hoping that maybe by the grace of God we will have a mild summer and I will get to enjoy the summer with my boys and not be to miserable and hot! If it does turn out to be a normal hot summer though I will find a way to endure and gets some good play time in with my first and second born before we add our third!

Friday, March 16, 2012

15 Months and 15 Feats!

Wow is all I have to say, where in the world did the last 15 months go to!!?? Our little guys is growing up and is officially a toddler, I thought to make this easy on me and to jot down some things about our boy at this age I would go at it bullet style.

  • You are now 20lbs on the dot and have crept on to the chart, barley yes but on the chart!
  • You have officially been a walker now for well over a month and have finally mastered the are of standing on your own.
  • You have 11 teeth, still waiting on one of those bottom front four to come in to even you out to 12.
  • You have moved from the highchair to your very own booster at the table and love it!
  • You can sign "more" and say "mo" when you want more food.
  • You can eat your morning banana whole now, no more cutting for mommy, all I have to do is give it to you.
  • You are able to correctly respond to several directions, i.e. you go to your room when asked, you can get your shoes, you go to your seat etc.
  • You love to give a head bonk instead of a hug.
  • You have moved up to size 3 diapers, but only because that is what was in the closet!
  • You finally love milk, which took some time but you can down two cups in the morning before I even get your breakfast ready, this might have something to do with the weight gain!
  • You have discovered the stairs and can get up them pretty quick, hence the gate that now resides at the bottom of our stairs!
  • You have all but given up a morning nap, on occasion I can still get 30 to 45 minutes out of you but very rarely.
  • You still adore your brother.
  • And finally, You have learned to love several toys that scared the stew out of you only a month ago!
Little boy, I still can't believe how big you have gotten and how much fun you bring to day to day life. I love all my lunch dates with you, your sweet smiles and even your very loud grunts and screams. I am soaking up every second of our one on one time these days as come August that will all change! Happy 15 months Coleman!

Monday, March 5, 2012

This and That

I guess it has been a while since I logged into Blogger, I was a little shocked by all the changes but now that I have figured them out I thought I would stop on by and not just via my phones and the infamous iPhone dumps! Life has been pretty uneventful in these parts, we have just been soaking up some much needed sun and enjoying the wonderful weather that allows us afternoons and evenings of playing outside. This little guy is enjoying the outside even more now that he can WALK, which he has been doing for almost a month and I would say has close to perfected his new skill. Still can't believe he will be 15 months old this week! He has been in rare form the past few days though, I am blaming it on teeth coming in and hoping them come fast because I can't stand to see my happy natured little guy upset.

The big boy in the house hasn't been up to a whole lot, he is your typical three year old and is in the stage of exploring just how far he can push his mommy before she breaks. Lets just say the attitude has been in full swing lately and there has been a lot of time outs and the occasional spank to get him back in line. I am hoping this phase passes quickly. Last week wasn't great for him but I am hoping it has something to do with the eardrum of his that ruptured on Monday night! I had no clue he even had an infected ear I just thought he was complaining from hitting his ear at the park, lets just say no mom of the year here, I didn't even take him to the doctor until Wednesday after his ear started draining! Needless to say the kid is on the mend and is back to his normal hyper active self.
In baby news, BW3 (Baby Wood 3) is making his/her presence know. I am now 18 weeks and have been feeling little jabs that have turned into bigger kicks for the last 2 or so weeks now. Tomorrow we head to the doctor to get a sneak peak and make sure everything is growing on schedule, and no we are still not finding out if baby is boy or girl even though we could. If I had to guess BW3 is growing about like both the boys were at this point and I am not anticipating that BW3 will be a giant and I am not making any gender predictions either because well I just don't have a feeling one way or another and I am good with that. I was a wreck before the anatomy scan with both boys because I was so anxious and this go round I am at peace and not even worried, I just want to see a healthy baby growing away!
Not much else to report, just hoping that these ups and downs of this weather are about finished and Spring will be in full swing so we can continue to enjoy our afternoons outside, which are about to get longer thanks to day light savings time! My boys are thriving on outdoor play and so is this momma a little sunshine and warm weather is good for everyone and maybe attitudes will continue to improve the more playtime we have outside. I will say one thing a cold Monday was good for my house, since it got cleaned from top to bottom today and I even dusted!
Until next time, which I am hoping won't be to long, I hope everyone has a great week and happy Monday from our crazy house to yours!