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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday we were released from the hospital and are now home and resting as much as a busy family of four can! We took Baby Coleman to the pediatrician this morning to get checked out and to make sure he was doing well. Dr. Joe gave him a clean bill of health and we will go back when he is 2 weeks old to make sure he is gaining weight like he should.

As for the Labor and Delivery, I could not have asked for a more smooth one. We were joking that it was a good thing I was induced otherwise I might not have made it to the hospital. We were scheduled to be at the hospital Monday morning at 6 and we were only 10 or so minutes late which isn't to bad. By 7 I had gotten my iv, filled out all my paperwork and had my water broke. At that point all I was waiting on was for the pitocin, which was started at about 7:45. At this point I was only about 3 centimeters and the waiting game began. Once the pitocin was started my contractions started to become more regular and at about 8:30 I went ahead and got my epidural at first it was only working on my right side. I let the nurse know and she gave me a boost which was exactly what I needed and I began to relax completely and just wait. At about 10:20 my nurse Teri checked and I was 5 to 6 so I figured we would be a few more hours, little did I know that Coleman had other plans. My nurse left after that and came back about 20 minutes later at which I told her I felt some pressure. I really thought I was just making it up but she checked me and said it was go time. She asked if I was okay with pressure and she would go ahead and get the room set up and call the doctor before I started pushing. So for about 20 minutes I just waited while she prepped the room and called Dr. Stone to come for delivery. It was 11:20 or so and we were still waiting on Dr. Stone and I was trying not to push and it crossed my mind that Teri may have to deliver this guy, it was about that time that Dr Stone walked in. And thank the lord he did, I pushed through 2 contractions and Coleman was born screaming at 11:28 am on Monday December 6th.

I immediately fell in love with this little boy who is the spitting image of his big brother and I can't wait to watch him grow. God has truly blessed our family this year and for that we are so thankful! Now let the fun with 2 boys begin!
Mommy and her two sweet boys!
Daddy and his two boys!
About to go home!
Heading home to see big brother!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Coleman!

Charlie would like to introduce his baby brother Coleman Price Wood born December 6th at 11:28 am. He weighted in at 6lbs4oz and was 20 inches long! Both mom and baby are doing great and Big Brother and Daddy are so proud! Stay tuned for the birth story!

Big Bro with his Little Bro!