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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Little OCD Boy!

This sweet big boy has a little bit of a problem with disorder. He likes for his ducks or should I say trucks to be in order and when they get messed up he is not a happy camper!

On a daily basis he collects all the trucks and cars that are downstairs and he lines them up either in a row or in a single file line. He takes pride in what he does and actually enjoys the order.

On this particular day he choose for them to be in a row on a blanket, the following day (which I don't have pictures) he has about 20 of them in two lines on the coffee table.

From the blanket they were moved into a line formation so they could all go to eat and each take there turn. Not sure where he comes up with all this put I love his imagination and love seeing it at work. Seeing all his wheels turning watching him play makes me so happy that I spend my days at home with him and his little brother!

Thirty Four Ounces!

This little bugger below is growing like a weed, he gained thirty four ounces in two months and is now up to an even 14 pounds. For those of you who know his weight struggles you know this is just awesome and we couldn't be happier with the progress he has made since his six month check up! Keep growing and gaining baby boy, maybe at this rate you will make it onto the charts by your first birthday!

Chubby Cheeks!

Those blue eyes melt me everytime!

Slink The Dog!

I got brave last week and let Charlie paint with REAL paint and a brush during Coleman's morning nap time. We usually use the do-a-dot paint, which is like the stamps that use for bingo, so there is really no threat of mess. I had bought these little figures at Micheal's at the start of the summer and thought why not see how Charlie does painting one. Much to my surprise he did great and he enjoyed every minute of painting. He was so proud of the finished product, I have several more of these and we may just have to paint the lizard before summer is over!

Starting his Project!

You can tell he was loving it!

I love the look on his face

The making of a masterpiece!

Mixing Colors!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Soccer Fun!

There is a little boy I know that is super excited to be playing soccer in the fall and maybe a big boy too! I am not sure who is more pumped, Josh or Charlie but to say that we have soccer fever right now is an understatement. Practice doesn't start for a few weeks but Charlie is already getting geared up and has been practicing with Josh in the back yard and would wear his cleats and shin guards around the house if we let him. It should be fun watching a team of three year old play some bunch ball, I actually can't wait for the first game. Please if you would like too say a prayer for the dads that are coaching, they may need a little help from up above to keep these kids in line especially since they are all buddies, we were able to field a team that consists of kids from our Sunday School class!

Ready to Practice

Look at that form!

Relaxing at the Beach!

This should be the finally instalment of the 4th of July Beach Trip 2011! The boys played pretty hard while we were at the beach, which meant we had to relax a little too! Coleman was a willing participant but Charlie would have played from sun up until sun down outside had I let him. For that very ready there were many good naps taken by two, three if you count Josh, tuckered out little boys. I still have not been able to duplicate these naps for Coleman, he is now back to his typical 45 minute snooze, oh how I miss the three hour beach nap! When we head to the beach with my parents I am hoping that we can recreate those wonderful naps!

Can you tell he is sick of pictures?!

Relaxing on the Couch!

Look at that sweet smile and those baby blues!

Cartoons in the morning!

Tickle time with daddy

Feeding Fish!

While at the beach we went down to the docks one night to see the boats come in and see if we could see what they caught. Unfortunately, we missed the boats but Charlie got to feed the fish at the docks and he enjoyed it so much. I don't think he missed seeing the fishing boats come him all he needed was a little fish food and to see boats and he was a happy camper!

Getting food from Daddy!

Getting ready to throw!

It takes a lot to throw the food!

The fish are finally getting some!

More Beach!

While at the beach we spent a good bit of time on the porch with our very own personal pool. It really is the best of both words when you have a little one. We can hear the ocean, we get the breeze off the ocean and we can let Coleman sleep in the air conditioned house and we aren't to far away and the best part; I don't have to drag all my "stuff" down to the beach.

Don't get me wrong I love being on the beach but with little ones who only last for so long it is nice to have the options to sit on the porch and be able to go in quickly if there is a melt down. Charlie and Coleman both loved the pool that Shug brought down to the beach this year, the adults even enjoyed it too! Charlie spent many hours swimming, fishing and splashing around in his own personal pool. He would go out there at 8:00 in the morning and it would be lunch before we could drag him in and then he we head right back out after he ate. Coleman enjoyed floating around as well but also enjoyed playing in his tent while brother swam.

I will definitely be putting the pool back up when we head to the beach in September it is a must for these two boys!

Coleman Enjoying the Pool

Brothers playing in the sun tent.
Coleman regains his tent!

Ice Pop in the Pool!

They seriously loved it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Life!

As promised I am back with the first round of beach pictures, I figured i would have to do it in a few rounds since I took several pictures while we were gone. Both boys really love the beach, Charlie has loved it since his first trip at 2 months old. I wasn't sure how Coleman would deal with the sand since the last time he was at the beach he was three weeks old and it was cold, as I expected he was fine with it but he would take sleeping on the beach over playing at his age. I am sure next year he would be running around with his big brother and getting sand anywhere and everywhere a little boy can!

This trip there was a good bit of seaweed so we didn't stay in the water to long but both Charlie and Coleman really enjoy being in the Gulf. Charlie is a pro at floating by himself now and Coleman was happiest being held, he wanted nothing to do with his float in the water. Stay tuned for the next round of pictures!

Mommy and her boys!

C-Man Chilling in brothers chair!
All my boys!

Loves this one of Josh and Charlie!

A snooze on the beach!

Love this kid!

My two boys!

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

I know we have been MIA for a while but for good reason, the boys and I have been soaking up the sun and enjoying some time away from home.

As is customary for the Wood Family we spent 4th of July at the Beach house in glorious Sunnyside Florida. This year it finally happened and we made it to the neighborhood Parade as Charlie no longer naps in the morning. We attempted to take Coleman and he and I stayed for a little bit but had to leave before the parade started, it was super hot and he and I walked back to the house so he could nap and be in the air conditioning.

I am told Charlie had an awesome time, he saw Firetrucks, policeman, skateboards and tractors decorated in Red, White and Blue. He also walked away with a good bit of loot, next year we will have to remember to bring a bucket to catch the candy and goodies it was a good thing that daddy had deep pockets. Stay tuned I will be back with more beach pictures from our ten days at the beach.

On the way to the Parade

Charlie was tired of walking
Me and My Boys

Waiting on the Firetruck

Happy 4th of July!

Colemans Baptism

My sweet little boy, who is 7 months old now by the way, was Baptized on June 19, Fathers day of all days. With it being Fathers day it made it very special because that meant that both Josh and I got to spend the day with our dads too as they all traveled to Trussville to be here for the special event.

Coleman did a great job during his Baptism, no fussing at all and promptly fell asleep after it was all said and done. My sweet boy wore the same gown that his PePa, mommy and big brother wore, it is safe to say this will be the first and last time that daddy will let me put a lace dress on my little guy. Not only were we joined my both sets of grandparents, we also celebrated with Uncle Jo and Aunt Kris who also happen to be Coleman's Godparents, Mimi and Daddy Bill, Granny, Bobo and Rachel, Isaac and Isabella. It was a wonderful celebration and we are so glad that we were surrounding by family on this special event.

My Baby Boy and Me

The Family
We have all worn this gown

C-Man with Uncle Jo and Aunt Kris

PePa and RaRa

Shug and Pops