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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Worn Out!

It was a long day of football and he just couldn't stay awake any longer. War Eagle!!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cookin' Kiddos!

These days the only way I can even think of getting dinner ready and on the table is if I have a little help from my two cookin' kiddos! It had started out with just Coleman, because well lets face it he can not be left alone for a minute, who knows what he will get into. Charlie decided to join in on the fun because he doesn't want to miss out on anything!
Generally they both get a spoon and for the most part Charlie ends up not wanting the one he is given and trades with Coleman. The also get one bowl to share and sometimes a little. Coleman usually just chews on his spoon as evidenced below while big brother does all the cooking! On this particular night I must have been generous because it appears that Charlie got a second spoon form me and he still doesn't look happy. You do what you have to though when you want to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time.

Coleman tends to get bored after about ten minutes and trades his spoon in for his paci and sometimes he even decides to take off and see what kind of trouble he can get in to. For the most part though this little tactic has bought me enough time to get dinner going and daddy usually gets home in time to rescue me so that I am not stepping over anyone while I finish up!

Monday, October 24, 2011


We are continuing to enjoy these beautiful fall days and rejoice in the fact that we can play outside without having to come in and change clothes because we are so sweaty! I know Cman doesn't look thrilled but don't let that face full you this boy loves to swing!
You can just see how genuinely excited and happy Charlie is to get outside and get some good solid swinging time. I know he is relishing in showing his baby brother just how it is done and that going super height like "Super Man" isn't scary at all!

These boys really are making my days so much better and brighter and I gladly take the time to swing them side by side even, if it means that there are dishes left in the sink after lunch. I know that I will blink and they won't be asking for me to swing them but will be asking for the car keys to go hang out with friends.

Happy Together

On days like this Coleman couldn't be much happier. The sun is shining and it is cool outside.

Oh and he is watching his big brother ride his bike which makes for some great grins and giggles. Happy Monday!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Happy fall y'all! We ventured to the Pumpkin Patch with Charlie's 3k class on Wednesday, and let's just say this is the best I could get of the boys.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Super C the Cowboy!

I just shared with you Little Super C, now I want to share with you his bother Super C the Cowboy! I love living in a house with my two little super hero's, they make my life so interesting and they keep me on my toes daily!
Super C the Cowboy is quite attached to his boots and his helmet, no super hero should leave home without them. He should know after all since he is a professional.

On this particular day his super hero duties involved fixing his big green tractor so that he could collect "stuff" for mommy. I will have to say he sure came to my rescue and picked several weeds and cleaned up the leaves from the front yard.

Who knows what he will have to do next, I guess we will just have to wait and see what problems arise in the house or the yard. I am so glad I have a big boy super hero of my very own that not only keeps me safe from the weeds but gives me hugs, kisses and even a little flower here and there!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Super C is 10 Months!

It has happened again, yet another month has passed us by and I really have no clue where it went. And with another month passing it means that this little boy is that much closer to being ONE!
In his tenth month with us he finally started to crawl and has turned into a little trouble maker, which I am sure you can see from the last post. There is currently nothing safe from Coleman in our house and that includes Dixie, a magazine, toys and even Charlie!

Now that we have started to experience this fabulous fall weather, I can tell that this little guy is going to love to be outside. He has enjoyed sitting on a blanket and soaking in the wonderful weather and he has also tried to enjoy a little snack of grass as well. He does not have the same aversion as his older brother did to grass, so I have to be sure I watch him closely while hanging out.

At ten months he is still nursing 3 times a day with one bottle at dinner time, which he has started to hold on his own. I learned last night thought that I can no longer sit him on his boppy with his bottle while I cook dinner, he has to be watched like a hawk! After about five minutes of me walking away I cam into the living room only to find that he was gone and his bottle was sitting there. This little bugger took off and was playing with his toys while he should have been eating. He has also taken a liking to real food and is pretty much eating what we eat for dinner every night, it looks like baby food is a thing of the past for this little boy!

I have a feeling that before I know it, I will be sitting down and it will be time to document his eleventh month of life. I still don't understand how time can go by so fast but I guess when you have a jam packed schedule and life full of fun and love it will do that to you! Happy 10 month little boy, I guess mommy needs to hold and and enjoy every little thing because before I know it you will be a big boy!

Monday, October 3, 2011


This little boy is turning into quite the handful! He has been fully mobile for about 4 weeks now and he is into everything. I tried to delay mobility as long as possible but I guess at some point he had to figure it out and figure it out he did!
I no longer can leave a room and expect that he will be in the same place and position I left him in when I come back. Heck, when I come back he may not even be in the same room let alone same spot anymore. This new found mobility means that this momma needs to be on her toes, much like the little munchkin below.

Freedom, or so he thinks has led this little blue eyed angel to take or steal any toy which he can gets his little hands on. As you can imagine this has lead to one very unhappy three year old who is getting a real lesson in sharing from his baby brother now.

As much as I dreaded this stage, two mobile children at once, I am now embracing what has transpired. I forgot how much I love watching a baby discover their world in a whole new way and I love to see the excitement on both Coleman and Charlie's face as Coleman gets better and better!

I guess now that I have actually posted this I am coming to gripes with the fact that my baby is indeed growing up and we are very quickly approaching the toddler stage. But for now I will not think about that because I can't imagine what life will be like with two walkers or dare I say runners!