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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rainy Day Fun!

It has either been super cloudy here or very rain for the past few days and my biggest boy has been missing his outdoor time very much. So I thought what better way to spend the afternoon while little brother napped away inside then out in some puddles splashing around!
 I had promised earlier in the morning that if it did indeed rain and there were puddles to splash in that we would venture out after quiet time for a little good quality puddle jumping in his fireman rain boots and jacket. After a minor set back, with a dog who decided to dart out the door, this little boy had him self a grand old time. We started out in the front, but quickly realized we just couldn't find the right puddles for this four year old to jump in, they were just to small!
We then ventured to the back yard, where he found the rain spout and decided it was a great place to use as a ramp for all his diggers and trucks. This went on and on for a few minutes.
And then for a few minutes longer before I encouraged him to explore the back yard a little more. We usually get a nice river running through our back yard when we get a good down pour and yesterday we had just this.
It didn't take him to long before he found the French Drain and was in heaven, not only was it a nice big puddle but it was full of some nice muddy water perfect for jumping into. He is just about ready to take off for the great splash down!
 Look at that form, he landed perfect and I know you can't see his face but he was grinning from ear to ear and loving every second of playing in the puddle.
 He continued to jump in this nice and big puddle for a while longer before we heard some thunder and decided it was best to venture in to get dry and watch a movie and eat some popcorn. I have a feeling that as long as there is no thunder or lighting I may make this an on going adventure for those rainy days when I just want my boy to have a little good old fashioned fun outside!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break Catch Up!

We were in need of a change of scenery and what better time to head to Chattanooga for a mini vacation then over Spring Break. My parents had just returned from Ireland and had not seen the boys in quite some time so the boys and myself ventured to Chattanooga for a quick visit.
While there, we decided to play tourist for a few day, so my mom and I took the boys to the Creative Discovery Museum to play one morning and both boys had a blast. There was great stuff for both boys to do and I think they both had fun exploring all the exhibits, especially since they were different the McWane.
Charlie even got to show off his muscles by pulling himself up in the stationary chair, I will have to say I was quite impressed by how well he did, I should really have more faith in my boy and his athletic ability!
The next day we ventured to the Tow Truck Museum and Hall of Fame, yes you read that right there is indeed a Tow Truck Museum and Hall of Fame and it is located in Chattanooga! From the looks of the picture below, Charlie does not look amused but if you know my kid well you know he loved this place and I am pretty sure it was the best $15 we spent all week.
We had the place to ourselves and the boys got to enjoy the play Tow Truck, with the boom that moved and lights that came on, all to their selves for a good hour. If you are in Chattanooga and have a little boy that is into anything Trucks, I would highly recommend you check this place out, Charlie is ready to go back with his daddy now!
The rest of the week was spent hanging out , visiting Shug for lunch and just recharging our battery. We were very glad to get back to daddy on Saturday afternoon and I think he was glad we were all back home, he was not happy about me taking his boys away for a few days!


Easter 2012 has come and gone and I am just now getting around to posting these pictures, better late then never right? Charlie celebrated Easter at school with an Easter Egg Hunt and Coleman came along for the ride. Let me tell you school parties were much easier when Coleman was not mobile and would just sit still for me.
Charlie had so much fun hunting eggs and finding the treats inside of them, I guess next year we need to have an egg hunt at home and who knows he may even find some stuff for his piggy bank when searching for eggs!
I know I said it is hard with Coleman mobile at these parties but he really is pretty easy and even will sit still long enough for me to get some pictures of him even if his brother runs off because he does not want to be photographed! 
One night after Coleman went to bed we surprised Charlie with a fun Easter project, he got to dye eggs with mommy and daddy. I don't know if you can really tell from the picture below but Charlie took a nasty spill at school earlier in the week and ended up with a nice scab filled face, it is still a pretty cute face despite the nice boo boo!
He loved helping daddy dip the eggs into the colors but he was not super patient when it came to waiting to take them out, lets just say that three minutes is an eternity to this three year old, heck even 30 seconds was!
Finally, after three minutes were up he helped daddy move them to dry, you can tell he is concentrating super hard to make sure not to drop his creation!
So very proud of what he is doing, so much so he had to wear his Green Lantern glasses and pose for a picture for mommy.
Finally, Easter morning was upon us and sadly I do not have any pictures of the boys getting their baskets, fail on mommys part! Needless to say though they were both very excited that the Easter Bunny came to visit but also very excited to not have to see him. After, bunny treats we got ready for Church and Celebrated the Reason for the day, if you get a chance ask Charlie about the Easter story it is priceless coming form my three year old mouth! After church we joined family for lunch and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I tried to get a good picture of my boys but as you can see they were not in the mood to cooperate but that is pretty much life so I thought I would share! Happy Belated Easter to all!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Peace!

I have two napping kiddos a bowl of Starburst Jelly Beans and a small project I am working on. The house is quiet and I have a little peace or what some may call mommy therapy!

And for good measure just to show you why every mommy needs a little me time I will leave you with a picture of a screaming Coleman, apparently he hates the car wash!

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