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Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Trick!

On Friday Charlie wasn't able to sit up so great for Dr. Joe, but I guess a lot can change in two days. He is now able to sit unassisted for a good 3 to 5 minutes and play with his toys. This has opened a whole new world for him and he is pretty proud of himself.

Fun Pictures and an Update!

It has been a while since I had a chance to last update, we have been very busy here in the Wood household. Last week Charlie celebrated his first Thanksgiving and I know he had a blast. He ate his weight in sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and was quit mad when we didn't let him have anymore. We would have to say that this Thanksgiving we were truly blessed with this little life that was giving to us as well as our family's.

On Friday instead of going shopping at 4am we toke Charlie to see Dr. Joe for his 6 month appointment. Charlie got a good bill of health and Dr. Joe told us to keep doing exactly what we were doing because he looked perfectly healthy. We will have to go back once a month for the next few months to keep a close eye on his ears, since they still have a little bit of fluid in them. Charlie also got 4 shots 3 of which were immunizations and the fourth was the first round of his flu shot, he will get the second round when we go back in a month. Another first for Charlie was his first bruise, it was caused by one of his shots, the nurse said she might have hit a blood vessel when she gave him the shot but there wasn't anything to be worried about. As far as doctors appointments go I will have to say that this was by far the best one we had in the last month since Charlie wasn't sick. As far as his stats go he is doing great and growing and there is no longer an issue with his weight, he is still in the 5% for weight but he is moving up on the curve and as long as he does the doctor says that it is okay especially since he gained almost 3lbs in the last 2 months.

Length at Birth: 20 1/4"
Length at 2 months: 23"
Length at 4 months: 25 1/8"
Length at 6 months: 26"
Weight at Birth: 6.5lbs
Weight at 2 months: 10lbs
Weight at 4 months: 10lbs12oz (as you can see not a lot of weight gain)
Weight at 6 months: 13lbs5oz (still 5% but he is gaining)
Head circumference: 15"
Head circumference: 16"
Head circumference: 17"

Look at Me Sitting up
Playing with PePa and Brumbe
I Love PePa's hat
Playing in the Leaves
Look at that Boy Fly

Sunday, November 16, 2008

6 Crazy Months!

We can't hardly believe it but little Charlie is now six months old and a big ball of energy. His little personality is showing through more and more every day and he continues to bring joy to our lives. We love to hear his belly laughs and can't get enough of his sweet smile, which we see more and more of everyday as he discovers something new in his surrounding. He especially loves to smile at Dixie whenever he sees her and he thinks it is hilarious when she shakes her head, the laugh gets louder the more she does it. There truly is nothing better then listening to your child laugh and be happy. Charlie is also starting to sit up by himself for a little bit at a time, I am sure in the next couple of weeks he will have it down and be able to sit up and play.

This weekend we took Charlie to Oak Mountain State Park to go on his first hike and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. We didn't make it very far on the trails because I didn't bring the Bjorn and it was a little to narrow and bumpy for the Jogger. Even though we didn't get a very long hike in we got some great pictures and enjoyed the cool fall day as a family, hope everyone enjoys the new pictures. I am sure everyone is glad this post was not about a sick baby and actually had some fund updates.

Sweet Boy hugging Mommy
Loving My Little Boy
The Wood Family
Charlie Sitting on a Rock
Daddy popped up from Behind
Sitting on the Trail
Playing with the Leaves
Look how cute I am
Hiking on the Trail
I just woke up

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Again!

I know I said after the last post that the next one would not be about a sick baby, well I lied, our poor little guy has another ear infection. I got another call yesterday from School saying Charlie had spiked a fever of 103, which I couldn't believe because I took his temp before we left for school and it was perfect. Josh went to get him and he spent the day with Rachel, Isabella and Isaac and I wondered all day what it might be. The more I thought about and the more I talked to other about it the more it made sense that it was another ear infection. We came to this conclusion because the night before he had trouble sleeping, he could only fall asleep if he was up right and every time we laid him down he would just scream, which is very out of character for him. We knew he couldn't go back to school so it was RaRa to the rescue, my mom came in last night and took Charlie to see Dr. Joe this morning where the pesky little ear infection was confirmed. It was only in his right ear this time so at lease it wasn't both and hopefully once we get a few doses of antibiotics in him he will be on the mend again. I hope that the next time we go back is for his 6 month check up, that should have been today but due to the hives on Monday we decided to postpone it until the day after Thanksgiving.

Now for a little funny story that Charlie will most likely be embarrassed by when he is a teenager. Last night we decided to give Charlie a cool bath to try to break his fever, our little guy was just playing away and had been in there for a few minutes (note: even with a fever he is still happy as a clam). I was doing some stuff in our room and Josh has been watching him while he was playing, when Josh went to grab the towel he turned around to a very red faced little boy. No he wasn't having a tantrum or anything he was pooping in the tub. The next thing I hear is Josh screaming in the bathroom as well as laughing. I knew at that point what Charlie had done. Luckily Josh scooped him up while he was pooping so none of it got on him it all just ended up in the tub. We both looked at each other and just laughed, we knew it was bound to happen at some point and we were actually surprised it hadn't happened before he was 6 months old.

This time I promise the next post will not be about a sick baby and it will contain pictures.

Monday, November 10, 2008


That's right our poor little boy has hives, we don't know what caused them we are just hoping that the Zyrtec will help them go away. After he woke up this morning Josh put him in his bouncy seat to watch Sports Center (his usual morning routine) while we finished getting dressed. I went to get him to feed him after I was dressed and realized his head was all broken out so I immediately stripped him to see if he had a rash any where else on his little body. I noticed his legs had a few spots that looked like bug bites, none of this seemed to bother him so we went on our merry way and I took him to School. I was at work for about fifteen minutes when I got a call saying that his entire head was covered now and that we needed to come get him so off I sent Josh to go get him and keep an eye on him until our doctors appointment. After Dr. Joe got a good look at him, and I explained that the only thing different was the taste of the banana pudding last night, he came to the conclusion that it was a case of hives and we may never really know what caused them. Dr. Joe told us to give him Zyrtec and to keep a close eye on him for today to make sure that things didn't get worse, which he said they shouldn't but he also said he can't be 100% sure of that either. On a side not he also got weighted today and he is up to 13lbs 7oz, which means that for now his weight issues seem to have been corrected and he is moving in the right direction.

Poor Charlie looks so pitiful but he has been such a trooper through first, his ear infection and now the hives, neither of which seemed to bother him. Hopefully the next post will be some fun updates and not just to let everyone know that Charlie is sick again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun Pictures!

I don't really have any new updates to share but I do have a few new pictures for everyone to enjoy!
Outside enjoying the Day

Oh So much Fun in my Pumpkin outfit

Before Bed on Halloween
Little Monkey
Little Monkey Tail

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sick Little Boy!

On Wednesday October 29 Josh called me to tell me that Charlie was running a fever of 102 and needed to be picked up from daycare. This being the first time that Charlie had really spiked a fever I was worried and a million things were running through my mind about what might be wrong. I first thought the cold he has had for almost three weeks had gotten worse and that was what was causing the fever. We called the doctor and spoke to the on call nurse, it would be our luck that our pediatrician closes early on Wednesday, much to our surprise she told us that his fever wasn't to bad but made an appointment for us with the on call clinic at Pediatrics East to get him checked out. By the time we got to the doctor Charlie was a ball of fire he was so hot from the fever and after waiting for what seemed to be forever we finally saw the doctor and found out our poor little boy had infections in both ears. I would have never guessed this because he never pulled at them or acted like they were bothering him, he acted like his normal happy little self. We got some antibiotics, Tylenol and Motrin for him as well as lots of hugs and kisses and he is on the mend. I am so grateful that Shug was able to come down and keep him on Thursday and Friday so I didn't have to miss any work and I know she took great care of him and he got a little spoiled, which I think every sick baby should be. Stay tuned for Halloween pictures!