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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Charlie found one of my headbands that I use when I go running so Josh and I decided to put it on him and see what he would do. He looked like he was ready to get a good workout with his new sweat band on. He thought it was the best thing in the world and played with it for a while, he even tried to put it back on after taking it off. He does the same thing with hats and they usually end up on the floor, he just can't seem to get them on his head.

Sweating to the Oldies!
Playing outside.
Can you catch me I am pretty quick these days!
What, I'm not doing anything wrong!
Loving on Dixie before bed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drunken Sailor....

or just one very wobbly walker who is determined to do it on his own, unless of course he really wants to get to something fast he will just crawl. I do suspect though that the crawling will taper off and be traded for more walking as he gets more stable on his little feet. The beach should be fun in two weeks while we chase around our little drunk, oh I mean walking sailor!

Clean Up!

Charlie has a new found fun game, what may it be you ask? Our little guys loves to clean up his blocks, he dumps them out and puts them back in the bucket they go in. I hope he will continue to enjoy cleaning up but something tells me that has he gets older he won't want to clean up if he is anything like his mommy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Watch out CP is Walking!

You read that title right, we officially have a walker! CP has been pretty stable on his feet for some time, standing up unassisted while drinking or dancing he just hasn't gotten up the courage to take off. He has taken steps here and there but nothing we would really call walking and for the most part if we asked him to walk he would just sit down and crawl. Well last night while Josh and I were relaxing and Charlie was playing and cruising around the coffee table, he let go and took about 5 steps. Later he was playing on the floor and stood up all by himself and took a few more steps. He also walked to Uncle Jordan last night and his Pops. I guess everyone was right he was going to do it when he was ready to take the leap. This morning he would not show off his new found skills for his teachers even though he was doing it at home. We still do not have a professional walker on our hands but I think if we give him a few days or so he will be much less wobbly. Josh and I are both so excited for him and we both know that now that he is walking he is going to get into even more, lets just say the beach is going to be fun chasing around that little guy! I am going to try and get a video this weekend so I can show off our little mans skills.

In other news somehow last month flew by and Charlie is 13 months old. In just this last month Charlie has shown us another side of his personality, the temper tantrum. He is now quit aware of what he wants and if he doesn't get it or is told no he lets you know that he is beyond angry, as evidence by the last few post. He is also starting to copy things we say, he can now say bye bye and "tank to" (thank you), I also got him to say duck the other night in the tub but he hasn't said it since. Right now I ma working on getting him to say Dixie and to find her for me and give her a hug. I also taught him this month to show everyone how big he is, I ask him "how big is Charlie" and he raises his arms over his head to say this big. He is still eating as good as every and he has completely mastered the sippy cup, he loves his milk and juice and will actually take water now without shoving the cup away as if to say mommy this is nasty.

Also in this past month Charlie went to his first Riverbend and saw Little Richard in concert, which he enjoyed. He danced the night away and had every one laughing hysterically as we watched him, I am pretty sure he had the most fun of all the people there, he fell asleep just before the fireworks stated. Sadly we do not have video of this and I wish we did because it was just to cute.

It is hard to believe that another month has passed us by so quickly and this next one won't slow down, we are headed to the beach in 2 weeks to celebrate the 4th of July and can't wait. Stay tuned to see how Charlie likes the beach this year, it is going to be totally different then last year with our little walker!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clean Teeth!

When we went to see Doctor Joe on Friday we asked if we needed to start brushing Charlie's teeth. Without missing a beat he said with no doubt you need to start brushing his teeth. So this weekend we picked up a toothbrush and toothpaste for Charlie. Josh and I weren't sure how he was going to luck having his teeth brushed and much to our surprise he actually doesn't mind and kind of likes it. Tonight after I brushed his teeth I thought I would give his a go at it on his own.

Hmmmm, what should I do!
I think I will brush my teeth!
Playing before bed time


Just a couple of fun pictures of our little guy. The picture below would have been so super cute except little flash decided he needed to move. Why do you ask would it have been so adorable well just moment before I snapped this picture Charlie was loving on Dixie, he was doing this for several minutes but decided as soon as I wanted to take a picture he was going to move.

How can you tell this little boy no, his face is just so sweet and loving. Don't let it fool you he can really get in some trouble and he is definitely all boy these days, he is into everything. I took this picture right before I told him no, he was messing with the trash can and I just didn't want him doing that.
Moments later this is the reaction I got out of our sweet little angel, he decided to throw a mini tantrum. He can actually throw a bigger fit that involves rolling on the floor and screaming but I don't have that on camera yet. He is definitely coming into his own these days as he begins to explore and find things he isn't suppose to be playing with.

More Baby Brooks!

On Saturday we went to meet our Nephew Brooks and to visit his mommy and daddy. I will have to say he is absolutely adorable and we are so excited to watch him grow and change. Donald, Missy and Brooks we love you so much and are so excited for you guys.

Meeting Brooks for the first time
Such a sweet little boy
How sweet is this little guy!
The very Pround PePa and RaRa with all their grandchildren

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Brooks!

Donald Esterbrook "Brooks" McKenna III

Charlies Cousin and Josh and my nephew entered the world today at 6:16 PM via c-section. He weight in at 9lbs15oz and was 21 1/2" long. Mom and baby are doing great and we can't wait to meet him tomorrow.


Two pounds, that is how much Charlie managed to gain over the last month. Quit the improvement from the 1 ounce gain over 3 months. Charlie is now up to 18lbs15oz and Josh, Dr. Joe and I are all thrilled. He is still in the 5% but since he gained this past month at the rate he is suppose to we know there is no malabsorption problem. Both Josh and I attribute his weight gain to all the whole milk he is drinking these days. Because Charlie did so well and gained weight this past month we will not have to go back until it is time for him 15 month checkup.

On a side note we are so excited that our nephew Brooks should be gracing our family with his presence in the next few minutes. We are headed to Chattanooga tomorrow morning to go meet him and can't wait. Stayed tuned for pictures of the newest addition to the McKenna family!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

On Sunday we had some more fun outside playing and we even went to the big swimming pool at Rachel and Jason's house. Charlie wasn't to sure about the water at first, I suspect it was a little colder then what he has become accustom to. After he fussed on and off for 20 minutes he finally settled down and enjoyed his dip int he big pool. Josh and I are trying to get him exposed to the pool and being outside as much as possible in preparation for the big beach trip that way he is not scared of the water and also so his little fair skin will at least have a little exposure to the sun ( don't worry I am still putting 50 SPF on him but I hope he will get a little base tan through that).

At home in the back yard playing
Playing for a bit before I got back in the water
Silly boy!
Swimming with daddy!
Hey mom come on in!

Thirsty Boy!

We had another great weekend playing in the backyard with Charlie. After being outside for a while he got pretty thirsty to bad he couldn't get the top off the water bottle. After he gave up on the water bottle and moved on Dixie decided that she would use it as a toy. Lets hope that we have many more great days outside this summer!

Hanging out in my Chair
Walking is more fun, check out my belly guys I think I am gaining weight
Why isn't any thing coming out?
Maybe if I stare the bottle will open
That didn't work maybe I can unscrew this cap!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Water Baby!

On Sunday we had one of the first non-rainy days of the summer so I thought we would pull out the baby pool so that we could gear Charlie up for the beach. At first he was not to happy since the water was a little bit cooler then his bath water. After letting the water get warmed up by the sun and one very big melt down by one very little boy Charlie decided that it was pretty fun and just like his bath. I hope that when he goes to the beach he has as much fun playing as he did on Sunday.
Still not quit sure if this is fun!
I guess it is since Daddy is playing with me.
Splish Splash!
So much Fun with water.
Mom there's dirt in her from Dixie!

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

This is the face of one very excited boy, why is he so excited you might ask? The answer to that question is the very fun bubble machine that his Aunt Molly and Uncle Gregory set up for Kakie's birthday.
So excited I can't contain myself.
Trying to get the bubbles with RaRa.
Major thought he would get in on the fun.
Bubble, Bubbles everywher!

My Little Pro!

Charlie wasn't to sure about the cake at his birthday party but it didn't take him long to figure out that cake is good. We went to Atlanta this weekend for Kakie's 1st birthday party. It had been a long day and Charlie was getting tired so we thought it would be a good time for a nap. Right as we were going to put him down it was time for cake and Charlie wanted nothing to do with a nap he wanted cake.

As soon as Aunt Molly put his cake in front of him that little boy went crazy and grabbed a fist full of cake and shoved it in his mouth. He made more of a mess this time around and showed us all that he was a little pro at the cake eating business.

Yum I remember this stuff!
Can I have this for dinner?
So Yummy!