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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet Coleman!

I haven't updated on my sweet Coleman lately. He is getting so big and has fit into our family perfect. He is a good sleeper and a good eater and he is such a snuggler. For the last two weeks he has been sleeping through the night and is eating about ever three hours during the day. He doesn't mind being on the go all the time and generally sleeps if we are out running errands and doesn't even know where we have been. He is starting to talk/coo at us and we have even seen a few smiles. Big brother is still doing fantastic and talks about his little brother all the time.

I had to run by the doctor on Thursday to pick something up and I went ahead and had him weighted. He has gained three pounds he is up to 9lb2oz at 8 weeks old. I am taking him back for his two month checkup in a week and we will see how much more he has grown.

A quick update on Charlie and the potty since I haven't talked about it in a while. We can now officially say we have a potty trained little boy. Charlie is in under ware full time and has not had an accident in over two weeks (knock on wood). After our week at the beach over Christmas break going poop in the potty finally clicked and he would tell us. I think the shark in a bottle that he got as a prize also helped. I am must thankful that we only have one in diapers now and I am so proud of Charlie for his accomplishment!

Enough of the potty talk, I hope you enjoy the pictures of my chunky little boy!

New Employer!

On Friday I left my old job behind and as of Monday I will have a new full time job! This job is going to be much more demanding and I will work many more hours then the 40 hours I worked at my old job. This job does not pay a salary and does not come with health benefits but this job comes with so much more.

My new bosses, yes I have two, are just as cute as can be and they love me so much. They will pay me in hugs and kisses, fist bumps and high five, and this is far better to me then any amount of money. I am gladly working a 24 hour day and loving every minute of it and I guarantee you my worst day at home will be better then my best day at the office!

If you haven't guessed it yet my new job is a Stay At Home Mom and I couldn't be happier. My new bosses are Charlie and Coleman and even though these little guys are demanding I am going to soak up ever second I get to spend with them.

My new employers, aren't they cute?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


This little monkey below has been so good with his little brother and is really good at sharing. The only problem is that during nap time he thinks Coleman needs toys and stuffed animals and he brings them to him in his crib. After the incident pictured below I decided it would be best to but a child lock on the nursery door so Charlie doesn't accidentally but something over Coleman's face while he is sleeping.

Big Brother rocking his Auburn Shirt with Jammie's after Auburn won the Championship!
This is what I found when I went to get Coleman up from nap.

Snow Day 2011!

On Monday like most everyone knows here in Birmingham we had a snow/ice day. This snow and ice lasted for a good part of the week and here it is Saturday and we still have a few patches in the back yard where the sun had yet to hit it and melt it.
On Monday we took advantage of having daddy home and we played out in the snow with our tractor and make shift sled, since Josh was unable to find one in his venture earlier that morning. Charlie loves the snow and it was pretty hard to get him to come back in, Coleman on the other hand slept the whole time we were outside (he was bundled up so he was pretty warm).

By Wednesday we were going crazy being stuck in the house unable to go any where. Charlie and I were grateful that he was finally able to go back to school on Thursday and get out of the house for a little bit. Now that it has almost all melted I am so glad and dare I say it but I am ready for Spring so we can spend our days playing outside and not destroying the house!

Trying to ride his tractor with little luck!
The make shift sled aka Tupperware tub
Going for a ride
C-Man all warm and asleep!

Monday, January 10, 2011

He's a Maniac......

I was watching an Auburn Video on UTube the other day and Charlie heard the music and had to bust out his moves. I am not sure where he gets them from but he sure does love to dance, he has requested me to play the "Cam/Aubie" video over and over again so he can dance! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning this year was extra special, not only did we have one more member of the family but the snow we weren't suppose to get came down and we had a White Christmas!

We celebrate Christmas at our house with our little family of four. We woke up around 7:00 and we opened presents and enjoyed a lazy day. This year was the first year that Charlie has really understood what was going on and you could just tell how excited he was about the day. I was sure to remind him of the real reason for the season but you can imagine that a 2 year old is a little more interested in what Santa brought. We will continue to emphasize with him what the season is about as well as with Coleman and I know one day it will set it. He does have a great foundation and told us it was Jesus' birthday and that Mary and Joseph were his mom and dad so that is a good start!

After presents we watched the snow fall all day long and then we went outside for a little to enjoy a little fun in the snow. Charlie and Josh stayed out and played for a while and Coleman and I went out for a few minutes and then came back in since it was a little cold for him. My parents drove in late in the afternoon and we enjoyed Christmas dinner with them and then we sat around and relaxed and watched Charlie play with all his goodies.

All in all it was a great day and we had a very wonderful Christmas!
CP1 and CP2 Christmas Morning
Playing in the snow
White Christmas!
Me and My Boys!
Coleman sleeping in the warm house!