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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I found my fingers and thumb....

Josh and I have been trying to keep Charlie from sucking his thumb or fingers since he was born. He really does love his paci but he has figured out if it falls out and he can't get it back he has fingers and thumbs that work just as well. Usually we are around when this occurs so we can get his fingers out and the paci back in but this afternoon when I went to get him up from his nap this is what a found. A fully awake baby with his finger and thumb in his mouth sucking away as if it was normal. I guess there is only so much we can do but we are really hoping this isn't the start of a habit. Now we know the paci can become a habit but that is something that we can take away, fingers and thumbs are another thing.

Sucking away on my Fingers
In my BOB after a Run with Mom
Charlie in his Bumbo with Dixie

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Today we took Charlie to the Doctor for his 2 month checkup. Over all he is a very healthy little boy but he wasn't to happy with us because he had to get 4 shots today. He did okay with the shots but there definitely was some crying on both his part and mine. He was fine after he got his band aids on and he has not seemed to unhappy as the day has progressed, which I am grateful for. Below are his two month stats, he sure has grown in the last two months and his length and weight prove it.

Length at Birth: 20 1/4"
Length at 2 months: 23"
Weight at Birth: 6.5lbs
Weight at 2 months: 10lbs
Head circumference: 15"

Last but not least I have added a picture of the window treatments my mom (Ra Ra) made for Charlie's room. The window treatment is an awning and I think it turned out great, my mom did a great job of making it and Josh did a great job of making the frame and hanging it up for me. I still have a few things to get hung up on the wall and the nursery will have all the final touches. It is sad that Charlie is two months old and I am still finishing up his room but I think it is better late then never.

Charlies Window Treatment

Resting after My Shots
The Best Smile I could get on Camera

Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Months Old

Two months ago today this is what our little boy Charlie looked liked and we were so happy he was finally here.
May 14, 2008
Two months later he has grown and changed so much and our love grows more and more with each passing day. I really don't know what we did without him. He fits so perfectly with us and he can definitely brighten up any ones day. He is continuing to get stronger as the days go on and he has gotten good at holding his head up, reaching out and grabbing for things even if he only holds on for a minute. He is more animated with his facial expressions, he loves to smile especially when he is being tickled by his daddy and he is talking more and more especially when we play on the floor.

June 13, 2008

Last week brought another first for Charlie, for Josh's birthday Charlie went to his first Baseball game. We went to see the Birmingham Barons vs. the Carolina Mudcats. The Barons ended up pulling out the win with some late runs in the 8th inning. After the game was over there were fireworks, which didn't seem to phase him this time either. He was such a good little guy for the whole game, he only got fussy when he was hungry and we were at the ball park for almost 3 hours. I know his daddy will be taking him to many more games over the year and he will continue to enjoy them.

On Wednesday Charlie will go for his 2 month "well baby" check up, which I am not looking forward to at all. He will be getting his first set of shots, I know he did well when he got just one but I am thinking that four might be a little bit harder on him. I think the only part of the visit that will excite me is seeing how much he has grown in the last month. I will update with his stats after the appointment for all who are interested.

Here are a few more picture that were taken this weekend for everyone to see how much he has grown since May 14.
Sweet Little Boy

I'm Doing Better with Tummy Time

Napping with my Froggy

I Love Playing with Dixie

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Beach Trip

For the Fourth of July Josh, Charlie and I headed down to the cottage for what would be Charlies first of many Beach trips. We arrived in Panama City on Thursday and stayed through Sunday. This weekend Charlie had many firsts: Uncle Jordan and Poppa Jim held him for the first time, he put his toes in the sand and the ocean for the first time, and he saw Fireworks for the first time.

On Friday while Josh played gold I had planned to sit on the deck to enjoy the sun, I though Charlie would go down for a nap but he had other things in mind he wanted nothing to do with that. So I decided that I would lather him up with sunscreen and put on his bathing suit and let him sit outside, under his sun shade of course, and we would enjoy the beautiful day together. No sooner do I get him situated outside does he end up falling asleep for almost 3 hours. I wasn't to worried since there was a good breeze and I had an umbrella over his sunshade so no sun was getting in. Josh and I decided he really likes to be outside it always makes him happy when he is fussy.

After Josh and his dad got back from golfing we all headed down to take Charlie to the beach and see what he thought. Josh stood at the waters edge and sat Charlie down and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it. We had to watch out though, there was an abundance of Jelly Fish and I didn't want my little boy to get stung on his first trip. We hung out on the beach for a little bit before we had to head up and get ready for dinner.

After dinner on the Fourth we went to the Tindell's condo to watch the fireworks. Charlie didn't seem to mind them at first but after about 10 minutes he was finished, I am not sure if it was the big booms or that he was just tired. Non the less I decided to take him inside and he we watched the Fireworks in Boston on the TV.

On Saturday Jim and Linda left and Josh, Charlie and I hung around for one more day.First thing in the morning we took Charlie back down to the beach for a little stroll. When we got back to the house I repeated the routine from the day before and Charlie seemed to enjoy it just as well. In the afternoon Josh and I decided to check out the new shops at Pier Park, Charlie slept the entire time and was just as happy as a clam as we strolled him around.

We headed home Sunday with one very tired little boy and two very tired parents. It was fun to bring Charlie to the beach for the first time and get to experience it with him. I can't wait till we go back for Labor day and we get to seem him in the water again.

Our Little Family at the Beach

Charlie snozzing in his sun shade
First time in the water with Mom
Charlie and Mommy at the Beach Charile and Daddy at the Beach

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

7 Weeks Old

While I have a free minute and Charlie is sleeping I thought I would give a quick update. Today is Charlies seven week birthday and he is continuing to grow and surprise us every day. Our little guy has some of the strongest legs and really likes to push up on us when he is in our laps, I think he might love running like his mom one day. He is starting to make more cooing noises that are the sweetest noises I have ever heard. For the last week and a half or so Charlie has been sleeping from about 10 to 5, which has given me a chance to get some good sleep at night, here's to hoping this continues and we don't go back to waking up in the middle of the night.

This past weekend we took Charlie to Chattanooga for the first time and got to introduce him to our friends. Charlie went to two parties on Saturday one for Courtney and Claire and then the second was for him. They were both at my parents house so we didn't have to travel far for either. He was such a good little trooper being passed around and not being in his own home.
We headed home Sunday for one more party, this one was to celebrate Isabella's 3rd birthday, Charlie was so tired he slept almost the whole time in his new Baby Bjorn that Thomas and Gina gave us. I know we were all happy to get home Sunday night and be in our own beds and rest up from the long weekend. Tomorrow we leave for Charlies first beach trip and I can't wait, I know he is going to love the beach as much as Josh and I do, he really has no choice.

Now for the pictures, which I know is the real reason every one checks out the blog. We think he is getting bigger but we will let you be the judge.

Sleeping in the Crib at RaRa's and PePa's
Waking up in his Crib
Sitting in his Glider
Play time with Dixie Watching
Tummy Time
Escaping Tummy Time with my Strong Legs