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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CPis Three!

My Crazy Three Year Old!

Fun Summer Day!

And just like that three years have gone by and our once 6lb5oz little baby is now a big boy! I know I already did the Birthday post but his three year check up wasn't until June because I wanted to take him and Coleman at the same time.

Charlie's check up went well and he is a perfectly healthy little guy, he is right where he should be in terms of growth and development, can't believe we were so worried about him at one because he was so tiny. He wasn't to keen on Dr. Joe this go round, Josh actually had to hold him for the exam, I guess as they get older they realize what is going on and fight a little more.

We got through the exam and then it was on to the finger prick and one shot, he screamed bloody murder, I actually think Coleman did better then him and he had to get three shots. After shots and the finger prick he just wanted to go home and go night night (he asks to do this when he gets hurt now too). That quickly changed and he decided he wanted Chick-fil-a and Yogurt Mountain, on a normal day he would have never gotten both but I felt so bad I had to give in. I still can't believe he is growing up so fast I just wish time would slow down.

Weight at 3 - 32lbs

Height at 3 - 37 2/3"

6 Months!

My Sweet 6 Month Old!

Waiting to Eat!

Coleman is 6 months old, really where does time go it seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant with him?!?! He is still a super tiny little guy but that doesn't seem to bother him, he is just as happy as he can be. Coleman is such an easy going baby and just goes with the flow of day to day life and really isn't bothered by all the running around that takes place.

In the last month he got his first experience with the pool and loved it, I can't wait to take him to the beach, my hope is he loves it just as much as his brother. He was also introduced to the jumper and exersaucer and has loved them, it is amazing what a little change will do. He has also started to sit up unassisted, he can only do it for about 30 seconds now but he has to start somewhere. He still refuses to roll from his back to belly but according to the Doctor this is not a developmental milestone so we aren't worried, he is just a little stubborn!

We also began to introduce solids last month but we weren't very serious about them, in the last week this has changed he is now eating solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and devouring them. Our hope is that this will help him pack on a few pounds because as I said before he is a tiny little guy, he isn't even on the chart! We would be more concerned had Charlie not been this way too but due to his brothers growth curve at this age we have just decided that the Wood boys have their own growth curve! I will take him back when he is 8 months old to get weighted just to make sure he doesn't lose any weight though. And now mostly for my records here are the stats.

Length at 6 months - 25 3/4"
Weight at 6 months - 11lbs14oz (not on the chart)
Head circumference at 6 months - 16 3/4"