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Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Day!

Well it has taken me a week and I finally have gotten some time to post about the fun in the snow we had last week. As usual when the weather man says we are going to get snow I try not to get to excited because I generally am let down. Last Friday was the exception though and we actually got about 4 inches and Charlie and Dixie got to play in the snow for a little before we had to hit the road and head to Chattanooga. As you may guess Charlie was not to thrilled when we had to come in he loved the snow but did not much care for how his little hands felt when he came inside. I can't really blame him my hands we hurting especially since we didn't have gloves or anything and we were making snow balls. Charlie wasn't the only one who enjoyed the snow Dixie had a great time playing ball and rolling around in the wonderful white stuff that was on the grown. After our little snow day I am hopeful that we will have another one next year, I can handle snow once a year and I think Charlie and Dixie would love to have it at least once a year as well.

Our House with a white blanket covering the lawn!
Do they look like they are ready to go outside?
This was before she started rolling in the snow!
The blanket in the back yard!
Walking in the snow and not quite sure yet!
Okay I like this stuff and I am off!
Such a cute little boy!
We were throwing snow and it got all over me!
Daddy made me a snowball!