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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One More!

I found one more tooth in CP's mouth last night, once this tooth fully comes in he will have 3 bottom front teeth, two molars on top, one molar on the bottom (I hope the second one will appear soon) and 4 top teeth . This will bring the total number of teeth in his little mouth up to 10.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

This little boy below is smiling and happy because it was such a pretty day and he is getting a preview of what the fall is going to be like. He really can't wait to be able to run around and play outside in the cool fall air and enjoy his big back yard without getting to hot. Not only was CP happy with how cool it was this weekend but so were his mommy and daddy.

Holy Cow it is a pretty day!
On this gorgeous weekend we had lots of fun out door activities, on Saturday we headed to the river to spend the day with friends and cookout. This was a big day for CP he got to swim in the river for the first time and he took his first jet ski ride. Our little guy is fearless, he had so much fun on the jet ski with us, he clapped and squealed while we rode. It really does make me so happy when he has so much fun and you can actually see the joy and delight in his face. Thanks to this fun day at the river we had one very very sleepy little guy. Sadly there were no pictures from this fun day.

On Sunday we spent our day outside running around while daddy cut the grass and did the rest of the yard work. Charlie also went for a ride in his car and he enjoyed a popsicle outside of course before he fell and the popsicle bit the dust so to say. After his great weekend he is sleeping soundly and is very happy.

Before we got to enjoy this weekend CP had to take a visit to Dr. Joe for his 15 month check up. Unlike his last well baby visit there were no surprises and Dr. Joe was quit impressed with how much CP is growing and how well he is doing developmentally. Charlie performed quit well for Dr. Joe by waving and telling him hi while he checked out his eyes and he even showed Dr. Joe how big he was, which got Dr. Joe thinking about what he needed to teach his grandson who is just a little over a week older then Charlie. After the routine visit came the not so fun part, Charlie had to get 3 shots and then he got to spend the day with Rachel, Isabella and Isacc.
Length at Birth: 20 1/4"
Length at 2 months: 23"
Length at 4 months: 25 1/8"
Length at 6 months: 26"
Length at 9 months: 28 7/8"(50%)
Length at 12 months: 29 5/8" (50%)
Length at 15 months: 30 7/8" (50%)
Weight at Birth: 6.5lbs
Weight at 2 months: 10lbs
Weight at 4 months: 10lbs12oz (as you can see not a lot of weight gain)
Weight at 6 months: 13lbs5oz (still 5% but he is gaining)
Weight at 9 months: 16lbs11oz (still 5%)
Weight at 12 months: 16lbs12oz (dropped below 5%, weight stalled out again)
Weight at 15 months: 21lbs4oz (way to go CP 10%)
Head circumference: 15"
Head circumference: 16"
Head circumference: 17"
Head circumference: 18"(I think)
Head circumference: 18 1/2"

Yay more fun time outside
Look at me running around!
Man I love this little boy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The New View!

As of today Charlie has a new view, since we bought a new car seat for Daddy's car this weekend we decided it was as good as any time to turn Charlie around and give him a new view. I am not so sure he was sure what to think about it at first but I seem to think he loves it now and he really likes to talk to us now that he is facing forward. Today we heard many high pitch squeals coming from the back seat and we turned around to see a smiling happy boy!

About to go on my first ride facing forward!
Hey mom whats going on!

What would you do for a paci?

The answer to that question is find the one attached to my school bag and walk around holding my school bag so I can have my paci in my mouth!

15 and 9!

One may wonder what these two numbers have in common, well 15 is the number of months old that Charlie is and 9 is the number of teeth that Charlie had on his 15 month birthday. I don't know how it happened but our CP is now 15 months old and as busy as every.

He is into everything these days and has gotten very quick and overly curious. He is talking more and more these days and has gotten very good at saying no, Dixie, dada, mama, ball, more and a few others mixed in with lots of babble. He is getting bigger and bigger and some of his 12 month clothes are finally starting to fit him and he is finally outgrowing all his 3 - 6 months clothes. This month he even moved up to size 3 diapers which is an accomplishment in its self.

On Friday for his 15 month birthday I got a call from daycare saying he had a fever, when I got there to pick him up I noticed he was covered in drool and so did his teacher. She mentioned to me that she thought he might be teething so I checked out his mouth and I found not one but two top molars coming in. When I got home I found a third pesky little molar on the bottom, which brings the grand total of teeth he has up to 9. I am still amazed at how happy go lucky our little guy has been while cutting 3 molars, I don't think I really would have know but thanks to the fever I was able to discover his new little chompers.

On Friday we will be taking CP for his 15 month check ups and we are going to get to see exactly how big our little guy has gotten over the last few months!

Playing befor bed!
I found a rock!
Right before breakfast, I'm still sleepy!
I love ballons!
Check Spelling

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guac Is Good!

Tonight I thought I would try out a Tex Mex Guacamole recipe that I found and see if CP would like it or not. He has only had avocado once and it didn't go over so well but I don't think I would have liked it either without any fun seasonings, so we gave it a try. And the verdict it that it was pretty much one of the best things he has had in a long while. He ate the stuff up, I started out trying it on a chip and he ate a bit. Then I gave him a little bit more on another chip and he promptly licked it off and motioned for more. I finally decided to forgo the chip and just give it to him on a spoon. After several bits and by several I mean at least 10 full spoonfuls daddy said I needed to stop. Stopping brought on crying and we had to distract him very quickly. Needless to say the little man loves him some guacamole he just doesn't care for plain mussy avocado.

It doesn't look so good but try telling CP that!

Shoveling in the green goodness!
The smile says it all!
This was right after the hysterical crying for more!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The only thing cuter then our little boy running around in just his diaper is when he has on his Oshkosh overalls. He always seems so happy when he gets to wear them and I think that is because they are so very comfy. Last fall he had about 6 pair that we cycled through every week, and for the summer he had about 3 pair. I have already started to get his for fall this year so he will continue to look cute and be comfy through the seasons.

Flying up the stairs, he really is pro!
Contemplating his next move!
Can we go outside please?
A boy and his dog!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Little mister big boy is quit full of himself lately and he has been quit the busy boy getting into a lot of TROUBLE. If you don't think he could possibly do anything wrong you are kidding yourself, his favorite word is NO right now and I think that is because he hears it so much.

Running off to get in TROUBLE!
I turned around for one minute and he was in this!
He pulled everything out of this basket!
Stay tuned for a video of our little guy telling Mommy and Daddy NO!

My new seat!

I know this is a push toy but I think I am going to use it for something else.....
...lets see can I use it as a seat...
...whoa I just fell down but I think it may work...
...ah it is a perfect little seat for me to use....
...especially when I am playing with my remote!


Charlie enjoyed some pudding this weekend and he even gave the spoon a try. He really seemed to like the pudding and wanted to use the spoon but still doesn't quit have the concept down but I guess practice makes perfect!

Giving the spoon a try!
So I'm suppose to dip it in the pudding?
And then put it in my mouth!
Seemed to work so I will give it another try!