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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working Mom!

As of Monday I have returned back to work and Charlie started daycare. Monday was a pretty rough day for me and for that matter so was Sunday night. Sunday the tears started and they were on and off all day Monday. I only called the daycare twice to check on him which was better then I though I would do, I really thought I would call every hour, but I didn't because when I did call I would start to cry. I was so excited to get off work Monday and I couldn't get to my baby fast enough. When I picked him up he was asleep, he doesn't sleep well at daycare, and he slept for about an hour when we got home. On Tuesday Josh took him for me because I was running late and didn't have the time, it made leaving him the second day easier. I did pick him up and again he was very sleepy but he actually was awake and smiled to let me know he was happy to see me, I think that was the best smile I have seen from him to this point. I took him again on Wednesday and today and he talked up a storm on the way and was all smiles when he saw Ms. Wanda his teacher. She told me he is such a happy little boy and a joy to look after, which makes me so happy to know that he is happy like he was at home. So all in all Charlie's first week at daycare has been great for him, he is just as happy as ever when we get home and is tuckered out by 8:00 and has been sleeping through the night much better this week.

As for me work has been going good and I have really enjoyed where I am working. I am learning about the company more and more everyday and am convinced this is the right place for me. I have been kept busy all week so that has been a plus, I don't know what I would do if my days went by slow. I am looking forward to seeing what my future with Chappelle Consulting will be.

Everyday is getting easier for me (like Molly said it would) but that doesn't mean I don't miss Charlie any less, I do feel like I am missing a part of me all day and I am not whole again until I get him in the afternoon. Thanks to the help of Molly, again, I know that it is good for him to be around other babies and it is good for me to have some interaction with adults and that helps me get through the day. I just wanted to give an update on the new happening in the Wood house, sorry no pictures I don't have the camera with me so everyone will just have to wait until either later today or first thing tomorrow

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Year ago today and 4 months!

Hey everyone I am 4 Months Old!

One year ago today we found out that we were going to be parents and were so excited, nervous and a little scared about the journey that was ahead of us. Now here we are one year later and we have a beautiful baby boy who turned 4 months old today. It is hard to believe he has been here for us to love now for 4 months. I know this sounds crazy but a year ago when we found out I couldn't make time go fast enough and now that Charlie is here it seems like every day goes faster then the day before.

Charlie is growing and changing in so many ways and Josh and I just love to watch him play, smile and talk to himself. In the last week he has become quit the chatterbox when he is on his play mat, I think he love talking to his bugs and I am sure in his world they talk back to him. He is now reaching and playing with his toys so now when he it on his play mat he is actually playing and not just laying there starting at his toys. It is quit fun to watch him and see his eyes light up and see this huge smile on his face when he grabs a toy and it makes a noise. He is still only rolling from front to back but he is getting closer to going from back to front, I think he doesn't want to do it though because he really isn't a fan of being on his tummy. Charlie has gotten better at taking naps and going to bed now I can lay him down and 90% of the time he falls asleep right away the other 10% we just have to go and put his paci back in his mouth and he is out. My little boy is getting to be so independent and I know as the months go on he will continue to become more independent.

On Friday we took Charlie to the doctor for his 4 month check up. He got weighted, measured and got 4 shots and hammed it up for doctor Joe as well. As far as his stats go he was in the 50% for height and 5%, yet that is 5 for weight. We are in the process of trying to beef him up and we will go back to the doctor on Friday to see if he has gained some weight. The doctor said he didn't look unhealthy he just thought he should have gained more weight, so we will see if our efforts will help him out. Below are his stats from birth, 2 months and 4 months.

Length at Birth: 20 1/4"
Length at 2 months: 23"
Length at 4 months: 25 1/8"
Weight at Birth: 6.5lbs
Weight at 2 months: 10lbs
Weight at 4 months: 10lbs12oz (as you can see not alot of weight gain)
Head circumference: 15"
Head circumference: 16"

Getting ready for bed after my bath

Waking up from a nap, mom wasn't very nice to take a picture

Look at me playing

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look What I can Do!

Yesterday was a big day for Charlie, he rolled over for the first time. I didn't catch the first on video but he was able to perform again for me so I could share it with everyone. I just can't believe how much he is starting to do and that he is almost 4 months old. I hope you enjoy the video and a few new pictures.

Charlie rolling over

Charlie and Dixie Playing


Big Smile

Monday, September 1, 2008

Football Time

Charlie and Josh were so excited today to watch Tennessee's first football game of the season. Here is the two of them right after kick off. Next week we will have to get an Auburn picture just so there is no favoritism being shown in the household. Unfortunately Charlie didn't make it through the game since it was on way past his bedtime but at least he was able to see kick off.

Kick Off

Labor Day

When Labor Day rolls around every year Josh and I pack up and head down to Panama City for one last weekend at the beach. This year was Charlies first Labor Day trip and he had a blast spending time with Thomas and Gina and Tyler and Alisha as well as playing on the beach.

On Thursday we packed up the car and headed down after Josh got off work, which meant we didn't get to the beach until late but that was okay since Charlie was able to sleep on the way down. On Friday we played on the beach all day but only put our toes in the water since there was a lot of seaweed and we didn't want to walk through it. Charlie watched his daddy play paddle ball and took a few naps on the beach under his tent. To end the day we grilled out at the house and played games, Charlie was so tired he went to bed early and slept good all night.

On Saturday we headed down to the beach for the day and Charlie started his time down there by taking a nap. After his nap Josh and I decided that we would brave the seaweed and take Charlie out in the water. Charlie had a float to play in that Thomas and Gina bought him, there are no pictures since our camera isn't water proof we didn't bring it in the water. After playing in the water Charlie got changed into some comfy clothes and took yet another nap on the beach, while Josh and I soaked up some of the wonderful sun. That night we grilled again, watched some football, played a game and put Charlie down early as he was tired from his busy day.

Sunday came and Gustav begin to make his presence known, it was cloudy and the water was fairly rough. Charlie still got to go down to the beach for a while but he didn't get to go in the water. As soon as we got down to the beach Charlie fell asleep in my arms and took a nice nap while his daddy and Thomas played in the water. After his nap Josh, Charlie and I took a walk on the beach, while on our walk Charlie decided it was time for another nap and was comfortably asleep in his baby Bjorn. After our walk it was clear Charlie was ready to go up so we headed back to the house where Charlie played and Josh and I relaxed. Later that afternoon we went to the shops at Pier Park to walk around and play tourist. After the shopping we went back to the house and got ready to go out to dinner. Charlie fell asleep at dinner around 7:00, I got him up around 11:00 to eat and changed for bed, he barley woke up and didn't wake up again until 6:30. I will have to say that going to the beach definitely tuckered our little boy out.

On Monday when we woke up we decided to check out the waves on the beach. They were the biggest waves I have ever seen down in Panama City and we all thought they were awesome. After our trip down to the beach we had to clean up and pack so we could head home. We left around 9:30 and headed back to Birmingham so we could rest up for the rest of the week. I will have to say that Charlie first Labor Day trip went well and now our little boy is still resting up from his big weekend. Hopefully by Wednesday we will be back on schedule!
Daddy and Charlie
On the beach Labor Day Morning
Walking in the Surf
Daddy taking Funny Pictures
Playing in the Sand Dunes
Mommy and her Boy
Hey Guys!
I fell asleep on My walk
Watching TV and Relaxing
Sitting on the beach

Up close Charlie
Doing what I do best, Sleeping!
Sleeping in my Tent
Sleeping on Gina's Float