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Friday, August 22, 2008

Charlies World!

Not much news to report, Charlie is still growing and bringing joy to our lives daily. On Sunday we took Charlie to Atlanta to meet his new friend Claire and see Courtney and Aaron again. As usual he did great on the trip he only got fussy when he was hungry and that was easily taken care of, other then that he slept for the most part and when he was awake he was just taking in the scenery as usual.

Right now I am working on getting him to roll over, he can get to his side but then he can't quit get his momentum going to go all the way to his stomach. Once he rolls over I should have a video to share so everyone can see what our little guy can do. He is starting to squeal these days and I am not sure if it is a laugh or just a new noise he has learned how to make, but I like to think it is a laugh.

Over the last week I have been trying something new with Charlie, instead of rocking him to sleep I have been letting him cry it out. It was hard at first and naps are still pretty touchy, it usually takes about 30 minutes before he will fall asleep for a nap but non the less he falls asleep on his own. Bedtime on the other hand has gone great he rarely cries and if he does it last about 5 minutes before he realizes he is to tired to carry on. It also seems we have gotten over the 45 minute intruder and he no longer wakes up when he goes down for bed.

Now for what everyone really wants, pictures from Charlie's world over the last week!

Claire eating Charlies arm

Charlie with his arm around Claire

Watching TV with Dad

Thinking about something important
Look at those Big Eyes
Trying to get my Lion rattle
Asleep on a Saturday
Our sweet boys half smile

I was tired and fell asleep down stairs

No more pictures!!!!!!

Sitting with my Monkey in the Bumbo

Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 Months Old!

We have made it through 3 months and I will have to say they have been some of the most rewarding 3 months of our lives. Charlie is starting to get quit the personality smiling all the time as well as cooing and laughing and then in the blink of an eye he will get a very pouty lip and start crying and screaming. I am still having trouble getting that sweet smile on camera because he seems to know when I want a picture and he stops smiling.

He loves to play on his back on his play mat, he is still not one for tummy time so I don't push the issue, if he is happy on his back I leave it that way. He is also quit the kicker, he gets his little legs going and if he is swaddled he can get his legs out in an instant. One morning he kicked so hard he kicked out of his swaddle me blanket and kicked his pants off, it was a great site when I went to get him out of bed that morning.

He was settled into a great routine, going to bed at 8:30 eating around 10:00, while still asleep, and then waking up at 6:30. But the last few nights after he is put down for bed around 8:30 he wakes up 45 minutes later and will not go back to bed until almost 11:00 and then wakes up around 3:00, when he needs his paci back. After the 3:00 am waking he has slept until around 7:00. I am hoping this is just a phase and not a routine he is going to settle himself into since he needs good sleep if he is going to continue to grow.

Charlie also had his first infection in his third month of life, he got a staph infection, which we believed was acquired at some point on our trip to New York. He was fortunate that we caught it so early and he only needed antibiotic ointment and not and oral antibiotic. We also discovered at that doctors visit that he had a mild case of eczema, which means we can no longer give him bubble baths and have to use body wash and lotion that is fragrance free. He also had a little trouble with weight, he hadn't gained an ounce in 2 weeks, again we though it was related to all the traveling we had down and that was pretty much confirmed for me when we took him back 4 days later and he gained 7 ounces. I am pretty sure all he needed was to be back on his schedule and that is what the doctor thought as well. Through all this he was never fussy and still the same happy baby he always is so no one would have ever know anything was wrong with him.

So all in all it has been a great 3 months with our little boy Charlie and we couldn't be any happier then we are right now. We are looking forward to the months to come and all the excited things that he will start doing to continue to enrich our lives.

We also want to congratulate our friends Courtney and Aaron Parker on the birth of their daughter Claire Grayton. She joined the world yesterday and Charlie is so excited to meet his new friend.

3 Months old
Kicking in my Glider
Sitting on the Couch in my Boppy
Sitting with my Dog
Chewing on my fingers even though I am not suppose to
Hanging with Froggie

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Smile!

I know I already posted once today but I was able to get Charlie's sweet smile on film finally. He usually doesn't want to perform for the camera but today I guess he was feeling generous. When I snapped these shots he was suppose to be napping but I found him in his pack n'play playing instead. I guess he thought it was funny that he got out of his nap. His little smile and the laugh that goes along with it just melts my heart daily. I love getting him up in the morning and being greeted by that sweet little smile and laugh.

Smiling Big for Mom
More Smiles
Our Little Boy
Daddy and Charlie after Church
Playing before Bed

Charlie does the Big Apple!

Last week Josh, Charlie and I packed up and headed to Princeton, NJ and New York City. Josh, Charlie and I along with PePa, RaRa, Uncle Gregory and Donald, Aunt Molly and Missy and cousins lane and Kakie all meet in Princeton to celebrate Aunt Susan's 60th birthday. It was a very busy trip but I will have to say the for only being 10 weeks old Charlie did amazing. The morning we left we got a call at 2:30 in the morning to find out the second leg of our flight was cancelled into Newark. When Josh called to get information from the airline it was a hour wait so we decided at that point it would be better to get up and get ready and head to the airport. It was a good thing we did because we were able to get on a direct flight that left at 6:50 am (our original flight was leaving at 7:30) and got in at 10:30. When I found out we could get a direct flight I was actually glad our flight was cancelled. We were on a little puddle jumper but I didn't mind and Charlie didn't seem to mind, he was good as gold for the entire flight. He slept through take off and landing and woke up to eat once during the flight. I am sure all the other passengers were grateful that he was such a good baby too.

When we got to Newark we had to take a train into Princeton to get the rental car, so in one day Charlie took his first Plane ride and his first Train ride. I know he will never remember it but it was a big day for him. When we got to Princeton Josh and I decided we needed something to eat so after stopping off at my Aunts house we headed to downtown Princeton and grabbed lunch at a great Micro Brewery called Triumph. After lunch we headed back to the airport so we could pick up my parents and Donald and Missy. In order to get to the airport we had to brave the Jersey turnpike, which was an adventure within itself. By the time we had made it to the airport Josh had made 3 U-Turns, one of which was on the turnpike because we got off at the exit marked 13 and needed 13A (who knew that 13A would be another 2 miles down). We got back safely thank God and then had dinner at my Aunts with the whole family.

On Friday my whole family took on NYC, yes that is right we took two infants and a toddler into the city for the day, call us crazy but we all had a great time. Unfortunately we only had about 8 hours in the city so the things we could were limited. Our first stop was ToysRus, mostly for Lane and my Dad. I will have to say it was the best and cleanest ToysRus I have ever been in. Lane and Kakie got to ride the Ferris wheel but Charlie was far to hungry so we walked around the store as he ate. After the toy store we headed down to Rockafella Center and to St. Patricks Cathedral. After that we found a deli for lunch and then headed to the M&M store, Gregory wanted a snack , and let me tell you those are some of the most expensive M&M's I have ever eaten. We also hit some stores for a little shopping and then we had to head to Penn Station to catch the train home. All I have to say is that was the most stressful part of the day. It was insanely busy due to the fact that it was rush hour on a Friday, and there were 11 of us and 2 strollers trying to make our way through the madness. Some how we managed to get on the train safely and we got back to Princeton and we took Charlie swimming in the big pool for the first time. For dinner that night we meet up with more family for dinner and then got some much needed rest. Charlie did great all day in the City, he was either asleep in his stroller or he was asleep in the Baby Bjorn, which was a lifesaver for when he wanted to be held.

On Saturday we went into Princeton to look around and do some shopping, I needed something to wear for my Aunts party later that night. After shopping we meet my Brothers, Molly, Missy, Lane and Kakie for lunch at Triumph (it was so good we thought we should go back). After lunch I shopped a little more and then we headed back to my Aunts house to get ready for her party. The party was a total success, I am pretty sure my Aunt was so happy with everything and had a great time.

On Sunday Josh and Donald helped my Aunt do some things around her house. Gregory, Molly and the girls were headed home until there flight was delayed 7 hours. My dad headed out to get them while Josh and Donald finished up and then we all headed to downtown Princeton to get lunch. After lunch we walked around Princeton in the rain and did some more shopping, which I am never appose too. Charlie pretty much slept the entire time and didn't seem to mind the little bit of ran. We went back to my Aunts where Josh and Donald did a few more things while I took some time to relax with Charlie. For dinner that night we just ate off all the leftovers from the party and decided to call it a night early since we had to travel the next day.

On Monday we headed home, this time we had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta, which I wasn't looking forward too but I knew we had to get through it and had no choice. Again Charlie did great on both flights and took a good solid nap in his stroller in the airport. We finally got home and we were all exhausted and so glad to be happy.

It is always fun to go away but even better to come back home. I spent the last week getting Charlie back on schedule, which wasn't so bad, he is back to taking normal naps and sleeping through the night for the most part. I wish I had taken more pictures but I am not very good at remembering to do that. Here are the few we took for your enjoyment.
Waiting on the Train in Newark

At my Aunts Party
The Whole Family
Our little Family
Cousins in Mathcing Outfits
Lane on the Ferris Wheel with Uncle Donald
Kakie, Molly and Missy on the Ferris Wheel

Our National Debt

What we saw while waiting on the train