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Monday, March 31, 2008

32 Weeks and a Shower

I had my 32 week appointment on Friday and all is still looking great. Charlie is no longer measuring big the doctor said he is now measuring right on track for his due date. His heart was still beating away just as fast as every which the doctor keeps telling me is a sign of a hyper and happy baby which makes us very happy. Charlie is now almost 17 inches long and is about 3.75 pounds. According to Charlie will be gaining about 1/2 pound a week and will gain a quarter of his birth weight in the next 7 weeks. He now also has his toenails, fingernails and real hair and his skin is becoming soft and plump, it is hard to believe Josh and I will be able to hold this little guy in 8 weeks and see those little fingernails. I go back for my next appointment on April 9 and Josh and I get one more chance to look at this little guy through ultrasound before he makes his way into the world.

This past weekend I also had my first shower, which was thrown by Mrs. Murrin and Courtney. I had so much fun and Charlie got a lot of great things, he now has more clothes then his dad and he is getting close to his mom. Aside from clothes Charlie got his swing, some toys, diapers, a blanket to match his bedding, his travel system and many of the everyday necessities. My mom also gave me his coming home outfit, which she smocked for him. Unfortunately with all the cameras there we didn't manage to take a single picture so I am sad to say there will be no pictures to check out this week.

Here's to another week down and getting closer to the end. Hard to believe there are only 2 months to go and we will be posting pictures of our son.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Single Digits, Bedding and A New Chair!

Can you believe it, we are in the single digit weeks now. Only 9 weeks left and thing are still going great. Charlie is now about 16 inches long and about 3.3 pounds, which is about the weight of 4 navel oranges. He is about to go through a growth spurt so his little condo will be getting smaller and he will have less and less room to move and kick in the following weeks. He can now move his head and neck from side to side and his arms, legs and body are starting to get plump from all the fat that is being deposited under his skin. Below is a picture of myself this morning at 31 weeks, you tell me if you see a difference. I can't really see one but I see myself daily so I guess it is harder for me to see change.
31 Weeks

Now for some more exciting news, Charlies bedding came in yesterday and it looks so good. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and it looks great in his room with his whales. In the second picture you can see that the inside of the bumper is different from the outside. With the bedding getting here Josh and I are now one step closer to bringing this baby boy home!

Finally, I had to include a picture of my wonderful glider and ottoman. It came in last week and I have already spent a few nights reading in it. It is so comfortable and I am so pleased with how it all turned out.

Hope you enjoy all the pictures, my next appointment is on Friday March 28 and my first shower is Saturday March 29, so I have a few exciting events coming up in the following week. Stay tuned for more pictures.

31 weeks down 9 to go! Happy Easter to All!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

10 Weeks Left

T-minus 10 weeks until Charlie will be here. He is now about 16 inches long and 3 pounds. According to Babycenter that is about the size of a head of cabbage. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I am measuring right at 30 weeks which is what I measured 2 weeks ago, my doctor seems to think that is because Charlie has dropped lower. His heartrate was around 165 to 170 which as everyone knows that is not out of the ordinary. The doctor also said that Charlie is in the head down position which I suspected because of where I feel him kick all the time, I am hoping that he stays this way and doesn't decided to flip around on me but a lot can change in 10 weeks. One new thing Charlie has started doing in the last week or so is get the hiccups. I always feel bad for him because I know how much I hate to have the hiccups, but from everything I have read the baby feels no discomfort from them.

The nursery is continuing to come together, I picked up my glider and ottoman yesterday. I also have picked out the fabric for the bedding and should be ordering it on Monday. Molly did a great job of putting something together for me and I can't wait until it gets here and is on the crib. Once that is taken care of the nursery should be complete and will be waiting for Charlie to get her.

Now on a non baby note, Dixie has found a new hiding place in the nursery. I was sitting in my glider last night enjoying it and reading Babywise and Dixie came in the nursery to join me. Before I knew it she had crawled under the crib and was laying down. I honestly didn't think she could make it under but she proved me wrong once again. She may be a little disappointed when the crib skirt gets here since that will prevent here from crawling under the crib. Below are a few picture of her under the crib. I though it looked like she was in dog jail. I hope you all get a good laugh out of these.

211 days down 69 to go!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Butternut Squash

Charlie is the size of a Butternut squash this week. That is about 15 inches long and 2.5 pounds. Charlie is now growing and gaining a significant amount of weight each week. He is continually putting more and more fat on his little body and practicing to breath for when he makes is debut in May. His head is continuing to get bigger so that he can make room for his brain that is growing by the day. His bones are getting stronger so I am encouraged to eat more calcium daily to keep up with this development.

Charlie has started to make me a little more uncomfy these days. He has started to get up under my rib cage with what I assume are his feet and when he does that there is no getting comfortable for mom. I know it is all for a good cause so I try not to complain to much. I have also started to have some Braxton Hicks contractions,which is typical for this stage of pregnancy, they aren't painful but my stomach does get rock hard for a minute or two and then goes back to being the way it was before.

On another note I am working on Charlies blanket and trying to get about 10 rows finished a week in hopes that it will be ready for his arrival. I am also reading all my books and to date my favorite as far as info goes has been Babywise. It is teaching me how to get the baby on a schedule and the common mistakes some parents make in the first few weeks. I highly recommend it to any pregnant women, a big thanks to Molly for telling me about it. Below is a picture of me at 29 weeks for those who want to see how he is growing, there is not much of a difference from the last one I took. I am going to try and post these weekly or biweekly.

Also we had a nice little snow yesterday, Josh and I were surprised to wake up to so much. Dixie had a lot of fun especially chasing the snowballs that the kids were throwing for. She definitely thought they were toys and tried to play with them. Here is a picture of the house from Saturday and a picture of Dixie playing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

How Big Is He!

I went for my 28 week appointment today and all seems well. It was the usual uneventful appointments, I got weighted, BP taken, had my fundal height measured for the first time and heard the heartbeat, which is by far my favorite part of every appointment. Charlies heart beat was still pretty fast it was about 170 BPM, the doctor said even though it is high it is good because that means he is active and happy. I was measuring a little big, I am guessing maybe a week ahead of what I am but again the doctor didn't seem concerned. I did find it odd that I was measuring big since no one seems to think I am as far along as I am. My only guess is that he is just stretched out nice and comfy, I can definetly feel either hands or feet under my ribs quit often.

It looks as though things are trucking along as I start the 3rd trimester and my next appointment is on March 14. I know that things will start to fly by now as my appointments are now 2 weeks apart and not 4 weeks.

199 days down 81 to go!