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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charlie's First Blog

I was working on the computer and CP was bound and determined to type away as well so I thought that it would only be appropriate that he blog about what was on his mind. Here is what he had to say:

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CP Blogging Away with Daddy

CP was very into his entry!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Charlies new car seat arrived last Thursday and by the expression on his face you can tell he is incredibly excited. Josh installed it in my car this weekend and we let Charlie take a test drive in in. He was awake for about 2 minutes before he fell soundly asleep. He looked so comfortable and happy to be in his big boy seat.

On another note Charlie is getting his first tooth, it is the bottom left front one and I am pretty sure that the bottom right will follow shortly after. Right now I can just feel it starting to come through the skin and you can see a little slit where it has cut through. I am guessing by the end of the week it will be fully through. So far he hasn't been to unhappy he is just sleeping a little more then usual. Once the tooth comes through I will try to get a picture but that may be harder then one would think, but we will see. Charlie heads to the see doctor Joe on Friday so stay tuned for updates on stats.

I'm such a Big Boy!
I'm so excited about my new seat!

Monday, February 16, 2009

9 Months old!

Charlies first Valentines day was also his 9 month birthday and he was a very busy little boy. On Valentines day and his 9 month birthday he headed to Atlanta to help his cousin Lane celebrate her 4th birthday and he got to visit with all his cousins, PePa and RaRa and his aunts and uncles. Charlie got to enjoy the big blow up bouncy and he loved sliding down the slide with his daddy and jumping with mommy, sadly we forgot our camera so we don't have any pictures. After a fun filled day of playing and hanging out Charlie was pretty tuckered out and slept on the ride back home.

On Sunday we decided to head to Babies R Us and pick up a swing for Charlie so he could enjoy the swing set in the back yard. Josh and I decided to give it a try since it was such a pretty day and boy does that boy love to swing he was all smiles and giggles the whole time. I know he will enjoy swinging all the time once spring gets here.

In Charlies ninth month he has learned to do so many new things. By far my favorite new thing he has started to do this month is to give "hugs", I just love when he buries his little head in my chest to show his affection. He continues to be a vocal little boy, he really likes to see just how loud he can get and how much attention he can. In the last week or so he has started to do what I would call waving and he also likes to shake his head no. When he shakes his head no Josh and I ask him a series of questions and it is like he continues to say no to every thing, we think it is funny but hey we are his parents. He has also started to raise his arms when he is ready to be picked up, I will say Charlie up and he lifts his little arms waiting for me to grab him. Our little boy is truly beginning to grow up so much and he will be 1 before we know it and we thanks God everyday for letting us be his parents. He continues to be a joy and make what seems like a bad day the best day ever when he gives us a smile or a big belly laugh.

I love my new swing
Such a little Dare Devil
Look at me standing
Hey did you see what I did
I am getting so close to crawling forward
Playing the drums on the table
I have picked out my instrument
The neglected Child made it in to this post

Today is a great day!

Today is a great day because the car seat I ordered for Charlie last night from has shipped out. That is not the best part though, when I ordered his new seat yesterday it was on sale as it has been for at least the last month (I have been eyeing it for a while). Today when I went to check out the website to look at it, because that is what I do, I look at the things I order over and over until they finally get into my possession, I noticed the seat was no longer on sale and was now $60 more. Needless to say I am glad I didn't wait just one more day and went ahead and took the time to do it last night.

Soon Charlie will be riding in style in his new big boy seat, of course he will still be facing backwards but at least now he is one step closer to turning around. I for one am counting down the days that I no longer have to carry his infant seat into school, that seat is getting pretty heavy these day and his little legs are starting to hang off. Stay tuned for pictures when his new Britax Decathlon arrives and we can see just how big this new seat is compared to his old one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Shug!

This weekend Charlie surprised his Shug for her birthday at High Point restaurant on Mont Eagle in Tennessee. Charlie was so excited about being there and we are sure Shug was the happiest of all. Charlie got to party late in the night with all the grown ups he was having far to much fun to fall asleep, about ten minutes before we left he finally fell asleep a mere 2 hours after his bedtime.
Charlie saying Happy Birthday to Shug
Snacking on Puffs at Dinner
These last few picture are Charlie being his silly little self while he plays before bedtime. These days he is getting pretty good at making silly faces and hamming it up for the camera.
Look at me Guys
One of my many goofy and dirty faces
Typical Charlie with Paci

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wheres the Paci!

Guys I lost my paci can you find out?
I'm not sure how it got in there but it is a good hiding spot!

Almost Clear!

On Friday Charlie had a appointment with Dr. Joe to check his ears out, this was a big day for Charlie since it would determine if he needed tubes or not. The verdict is still out even though his ears are looking better, his left ear was completly free of fluid but his right ear was only 70% better. Because of that he will be going back in a month for one last check, if his ears get any worse or if he has another infection before then the game is over and we will be referred to a Pediatric ENT for tubes. For now Josh and I are breathing a sigh of relief and hope that we get an all clear at the end of the month.

On another note, Little mister Charlie has learned how to pull up in his crib. On Sunday I was folding his clothes and he was playing in his crib, I looked over to see our little boy standing up in his crib and looking so very proud of himself. Josh and I guess it is time to lower his crib mattress or he may end up tumbling out of his crib and we surly don't want that to happen. This weekend Charlie also started to feed himself puffs, we have been giving them to him for about a month but usually they don't end up in his month. On Sunday he figured out how to push them in his mouth, now the only problem is teaching him to only eat one at a time but I am sure that will come in time. He also finally figured out that he needs to let go of his paci when trying to put it back in his mouth. Our little boy is getting so big so fast.

I'm Stuck in Jail, wait just my crib!
Look at Me!
I'm getting so big!
I know mom I shouldn't do it but it is so fun!