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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This past weekend Charlie learned to clap his little hands. I pretty much think it is the cutest thing in the whole world right now. I was driving to my friend Laurens baby Shower on Saturday when I looked in the back set to see Charlie clapping away. Now all Josh or I have to say is clap, clap, clap and Charlie starts clapping. I hope you enjoy the video of our little guy clapping away and as usual ignore the annoying voice.

Just because I'm Cute!

I just wanted to share a couple of cute new picture of Charlie with everyone, the first one is mainly for RaRa so she can see Charlie in the new outfit that she made for Charlie. He looks adorable in his Anchors, thank you so much RaRa.

Charlie loves his bath, especially now that he is no longer confined to his little tub. He absolutely loves being able to play in the big tub, splashing and kicking his legs and playing with all his water toys. The first picture is Charlie before getting in his bath and the second is him playing in his tub.
Charlie really loves Dixie these days, he is starting to pet her and grab at her ears. I fear it won't be to long before poor Dixie's ears and tails are being tugged a little to hard. Josh and I thought it would be fun for Charlie to ride Dixie like a horse, Charlie thought it was fun, Dixie not so much, she tried to nibble on Charlies leg and she walked in circles trying to figure out how to get him off her back.
The bouncy seat use to be one of Charlies favorite toys, these days he isn't so interested in it though. I had put him in his seat on Sunday to watch a DVD and I thought he would sit back and relax but he he decided to try to sit up and fuss at me until I took him out, note the very sour face in the following picture, he was not happy with Mommy.

I hope everyone enjoyed all the new fun picture of Charlie.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 Months Old!

I know this post is about a week late but things have been extra busy around the Wood household. This past month Charlies little personality seems to have grown even more, he is one very giggly and smiley little boy that loves to play and have fun. This month we found a tickle spot and whenever we tickle him he gives us the biggest belly laugh that is so very contagious and makes my heart smile. He has started to talk and babble more and more, I have a feeling we have a little talker on our hands. He even can say dada, no mama yet but I am working hard on that one, I keep telling myself that dada is much easier to say. Charlie is still a great eater he loves his fruits and veggies and any thing else that you put in his mouth. At Jim n'Nicks he ate his fruit, veggies, a cheese biscuit, part of a potato and some chicken. The child truly is a bottomless pit who apparently has a very fast metabolism. Charlie has even tried a couple of time to get up on all fours but his efforts have him going backwards he hasn't quit figured out how to go forward yet but I am sure that is coming soon. He still has no teeth but I am pretty sure they are coming soon since he has started to drool more and more and has been fussier then normal in the evening, baby oral gel usually does the trick to calm him down.

On another exciting note Charlie will be welcoming a new little boy cousin in June. Donald and Missy found out yesterday that they are expecting a little boy, Donald Esterbrook "Brooks" McKenna III. We are all so excited and can't wait to meet Baby Brooks in June.
Eating a Mushy Cookie
Goofy Face
Playing Baseball
Look at that Drool
I love my Rocking Horse
Happy boy before bed
Tuckered out for the night

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Real Booboo!

It took nearly 8 months but Charlie had his first non doctor related booboo with blood last night. I know it is the first of many more to come but I couldn't help but feel awful about not preventing it.

Josh, Charlie and I were all playing as we normally do before Charlie goes to bed and for the past few days Charlie has gotten pretty good at standing while holding onto a table. I was letting Charlie stand and play at the coffee table last night when his little legs got a little to far apart and starting getting wobbly. Both Josh and I could see what was about to happen but we weren't able to catch him before he took a nose dove to the ground, on his way down he caught the coffee table with his little mouth. Now we have a very unhappy baby on our hands, Charlie started to cry and scream but that only lasted maybe a minute before he was okay. Both Josh and I looked at each other and though it must not have been as bad as we thought, then I looked down and blood was all in his mouth. That is when I got upset especially since I felt in a way it was my fault for not catching him before he caught him self on the table. We didn't really know what he had cut in his mouth, at first we thought he bit his tongue, but the child has no teeth so that ruled tongue biting out for me. After a few minutes we were finally able to figure out that the blood was coming from his upper lip, he cut the little part where the lip and the gums join. After many hugs and kisses, water and quick clean up he was headed to bed happy as a clam. He did wake up with morning with a little blood on his checks and Josh and I are pretty sure that it was from him chewing on the plastic part of his paci and irritating the area.

Note to self baby's are quick and thing can happen in the blink of an eye, even if you are watching them they can still get hurt.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas and New Years at the Beach!

For New Years this year we headed to the beach to celebrate Christmas, my birthday and the New Years with the McKenna family. This was Charlies third trip to the beach and he isn't even a year old, this however was his first time to go to Fort Morgan the other trips have been to Sunnyside in Panama City. Of course this time it was a bit cooler and he didn't get to go swimming but he was still able to enjoy the sand and the ocean from a distance. It was a great 4 days spent relaxing, playing, reading and enjoying time with family.

We started off by celebrating my 27th Birthday on December 30, with a great cake from Edgar's and a few presents. On the 31st we Celebrated Christmas, my mom and Molly did a great job of decorating the Palm Tree with lights to serve as our Christmas tree, we ate coffee cake and open presents just like it was Christmas at the McKenna house. New Years Eve was quit uneventful for us, we ventured out for lunch in Gulf Shores and went shopping for a bit before returning back to the house to relax and start dinner. We enjoyed a great dinner for New Years eve, watched some football and we all fell asleep before the ball dropped, the beach really does wear you out. New Years day brought Outlet Shopping, which is always exciting when you have gift cards, and a fun night of fondue. January 2nd the boys went fishing while the girls and PePa and Charlie hung out at the house and on the 3rd we left to come back home to reality. It was so nice to get away for a few days and recharge our batteries before we started a New Year.

We hope everyone had a great New Year and that 2009 will bring many great and new adventures for all.
Charlie on the Beach playing with a Stick
The Whole Family
Charlie being such a cute boy
PePa and his grandkids
Good Morning All
Cousins in Tiger Outfits
Charlie and his Monkey Hat
The Wood Family