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Monday, September 19, 2011

Taste of Fall

What do you do when daddy has to work on a Saturday morning and their is a hint of fall in the air and you don't start sweating as soon as you walk out the door? First, you beg mommy to go to the park for some fun tiring swing riding....
... and then you have some fun sliding time with your favorite brother, and then you.....

... enjoy your first ride in a swing and love every stinkin minute of it, even if you are still a tad bit little, and then you....

...figure out you are really big enough to do the spiral stair case thing that you have been dying to try for ever, and finally you....

...take your little brother for a ride on the four wheeler that bounces up and down!

9 Months!

I can't believe it but this little guy is 9 months old! Please, oh please tell me where the last nine months went, I so desperately want to freeze this moment in time but I know time is on the move and so is this little boy!

At nine months he is still such a laid back baby and very content as long as Mommy is in the room. He adores his big brother, he thinks he is so funny and watches every thing he does. He has started to look less and less like daddy and more and more like mommy, aside from the blond hair and blue eyes. He still loves his food, especially his cheerios they are a favorite these days. He still sleeps about 12 hours at night and usually takes 2 naps a day, my kids really love their sleep. And crawling, well this little boy is on the move and crawling everywhere, it isn't pretty but he can get to where he wants and take what he wants from him brother! I for see many tantrums from two little boys in the coming months!

This kid is growing up way to fast, I can't believe that in a few short months this little boy will be turning one! I love you little man!

9 month stats ( for my record)
Weight at 9 months - 14lbs 11oz (still not on the chart)
Height at 9 months - 27.5" (10%)
Head circumference at 9 months - 17.25" (I don't know what percent)

He is still our little guy and I would love to keep it this way forever but I know one day he will catch up to every one else on the charts!