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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hugs for Dixie!

Charlie really loves his Dixie dog, these days he is always petting her, pulling her ears, talking to her and giving her hugs. He will now give hugs to her when we ask him and it is just so stinkin cute I thought I would share a little video with you.

The Last of the Beach Pictures!

It has only taken me a week and half but here is the last of the beach pictures. Charlie truly had a great time a the beach over Labor Day and I am sure he is going to continue to love going to the Cottage as he gets older. Josh and I so loved watching him run, play and enjoy himself, I really can't think of anything that is better then seeing your child happy and smiling even when covered by mounds of sand!

I found something in the sand!
What trouble can I get into now?
Such a loveable boy!
I love this Sandy Boy!
I don't want to go home guys!

Buckets and Shovels!

I'm covered in sand already I might as well sit down and dig for a while.
I am doing a pretty good job of getting the sand in my bucket maybe I will get it full by the end of the day!
I am so glad that Aunt Gina and Uncle Thomas gave me a bucket and shovel I had a lot of fun playing with them!

Thanks Aunt Gina!

Charlie's face was covered in sand and it was Aunt Gina to the rescue. While I was taking pictures she was making sure that no sand got in Charlie's eye. Charlie is very grateful for this so thank you Aunt Gina!
Sandy Boy being cleaned!
Let me get it all!
Okay thanks I'll be back in a minute with more!

"Uncle Thomas"

While at the beach Charlie enjoyed playing with his Uncle Thomas. As you can tell from these pictures these two really enjoy each other. I am so glad Uncle Thomas was willing to get all sandy just to make Charlie happy.

Just hanging out.
Can I please see what that is?
All gone!
To Cute!
How could you not love this little boy!

Paddle Ball!

Charlie had a fun time watching daddy and Uncle Thomas play paddle ball on the beach. If he would have had it his way they would have given him the ball to play with instead of just watching them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Kite!

Another first for Charlie while on our Labor Day beach trip was to fly a kite. Josh had wanted to get one over the 4th of July but we just never did. Charlie had more fun playing with it while it was on the ground but he did wave at it while it was in the air!

Finally I can play with it while it is on the ground!
Daddy told me to be careful and not break the kite!

Chattin' it up!

This little sandy boy below enjoyed climbing on all of us and getting us all very sandy. Daddy was the lucky recipent of all this sand at the moment and CP decided that he and daddy needed to chat it up for a while before he move on to the next victim.
Hey Daddy I have sand on my face!
Look what I can do Daddy!
Thanks I was thirsty!
Hey dad whats going on?
Really daddy that is crazy!

High Flying!

Well not so high but as high as I can throw him now that he has gained some weight. After Daddy got to float with CP in the Ocean I took him out to play, splash and go for a little flight!

He is loving being thrown!
On your marks.....
...get set...
...lets go!


While we were at the beach Charlie enjoyed some time floating in the ocean. Don't worry Daddy was right behind him we didn't leave him out there all by his little self.

Relaxing in my float!
Hey everyone!
Seriously are you going to wave back?
I love to just chill!
Daddy decided it was time to come in and I didn't want to!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Rake!

While we were at the beach house Charlie found a toy that kept him very entertained. It was a little plastic rake that he pushed around when he wasn't sleeping or eating when we tried to take it from him he got very upset. I would put it away every night and every morning he would find it within about 10 minutes of getting up.

This looks like a face that is up to no good!
Something needs to be raked!
Having so much fun!
I am going to be good at yardwork one day!

More Sand!

Our second day of the Labor Day getaway was much like our first except Charlie got tired a little bit sooner. He continued to play in the sand, eat the sand and have a great time enjoying the wonderful weather.
Falling down the ledge!
Chasing the waves!
Now I'm trying to climb the ledge!
Off to the water I go!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Creative Discovery!

I know this has nothing to do with the beach but currently I have a sleeping child and husband so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to catch up. Last weekend we went to Chattanooga to visit with all of my family. Grandma Lolo (my mom's mom) was in town for the weekend and she has not seen all her great grandchildren in a while as a mater of fact she had never met baby Brooks. Last weekend was very fun and crazy and we are so glad that grandma Lolo got to spend some time with us and all our kids.

On Saturday Charlie and all his cousins went to the Creative Discovery Museum to play, explore and learn a few new things. Charlie had a blast I am sure if he could talk and you ask him what his favorite part was he would say it was a tie between the splash table and the bubbles. I can't wait to take him back again.

This was before we decided he needed a smock to play in the water he his drenched.
Much better now he won't get so wet!
Playing next to Kakie
I got to make my own crown!
I am driving all by myself!
Me an mommy looking for bees in the tunnel!

Playing a little music with daddy!
It looks like mommy is blowing this bubble!