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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Fish

After a summer full of Charlie being afraid of the water he finally decided with only a few weeks left and he in deed loves the water and is a crazy little fish!

Jumping off the Diving Board to Daddy!

Jumping into the Pool!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pull Ups Are Cool!

I would like to say Potty Training is now in full swing at the Wood household. This means that the one time he went in the Potty on Sunday was not just a fluke and that he can in deed do it. On Monday night he went again for his Daddy while I was out, he did refuse to sit on his little potty and would only sit on the big one. I was a little annoyed at first (only because we had bought a little potty) but have since realized this will be so much easier to clean up and he is going to have to get use to the big potty at some time anyway.

Tuesday brought a little more success, he didn't go before he went to school but his teachers told me he went once while at school and he went again when he got home from school and before he went to bed. School requested that if he was going to be using the potty that we bring Pull Ups for him. Last night while at the grocery store we picked up some Toy Story Pull Ups and let me tell you he was more then excited when he put on a new diaper this morning with Buzz and Woody (he has never seen Toy Story he just likes that they look different I think)! This morning he went to the potty once before he went to school and then he went when he got to school. My prayer is that he will go at least once while at school today, twice if we are lucky and then he will go when he gets home. I think baby steps are the key right now and me not stressing too, because knowing me I could let this rule my world but I am trying not to.

Be prepared for more updates as we continue on this new journey with Charlie. If you get sick of reading about his Bathroom habits you may want to skip the posts for a while if they look like they are related to potty training because I am almost certain that the next few posts will be dedicated to this.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training Chronicles!

So no pictures again but I feel the need to document this because I know that when unnamed Baby Boy Wood make his appearance I may have little time to blog at the beginning. If you have no desire to read about bathroom goings on then I would recommend to not ready any further!

For some time now I have been putting Charlie on the potty before his bath to try to get him use to the idea and to actually see if I could get him to go. Well it seem to never fail that I would put him on the potty, he would say all done and get up after not doing anything, and as soon as I would put him in the tube he would pee. I was getting frustrated because he knew he was doing it, he could even start and stop as if it was a game. Finally last night he got on the potty before getting in the tube and I figured it would be our usual routine, charlie sitting on the potty not doing anything, but much to my surprise when I walked out to put his diaper in his diaper pale in his room I came back in the bathroom and Charlie had gone potty for the first time. I knew immediately because his aim was a little off even sitting and he got a little on the floor, which I could care less, because for the most part it all made it in his potty. He was pretty darn proud of himself, I think his favorite part was when he got to flush it down the toilet. He loved that part so much he wanted to sit on the potty after his bath and flush the toilet again, God love him he tried so hard but couldn't get anything to come out either. My plan going forward is to have him sit on the potty before he gets dressed in the morning and before bath on weekends and school says they let him sit on the potty as well so that is helpful and on the weekends I will add in before and after nap to get him more accustom to going all the time on the potty.

I know this is only one time and we are so far away from being completely potty trained but to me this is a big start because like I said before he has been sitting on the potty since before he turned 2, so a good long time and he never did anything before. Today I am off to get him some Smarties (he loves these things) as treats for every time he has success on the potty. I know there is going to be so much more frustration down the road and we may even have to deal with him reverting back when Baby Brother gets here but for now I will take going pee in the potty before bath time as a start, and I have a feeling that if he is potty trained and does revert when brother gets here it won't be like starting from scratch so I would rather get the ball rolling a good 4 months before his baby brother arrives!