Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun before Bed!

Tonight before and after bath time Charlie was running around and playing upstairs and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some pictures of him and let everyone see how happy this 20 month old little boy is. He truly is so fun and crazy and he is pretty quick too, if I look away for just a second he is getting into something new. I hope you enjoy all these fun and happy pictures.
Getting into trouble!
I got caught I better run away!
Time for my bath!
But first I am going to play peek-a-boo!
Look at that smile!
I wanted to sit and rock in my chair!
Time to get me bath!
I think I want to sit just a bit longer!
No words to describe!

Check it out!

I have started a new sewing blog,, as a way to share all of my new latest and greatest projects. If you get a chance please check it out and see all the cute things I am making not only for CP but for others. If you see anything you like or have an idea of something that you would like let me know and I would be happy to work with you.

I promise the next post will be about Charlie and not about me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kicked Back!

On Saturday I went to check on Charlie while he was napping and I found him kicked back and sound asleep. I thought it was to cute and I had to sneak back in and get a picture of this. He was the wrong way in his crib with his foot propped up and sticking out the slates of his crib and he just looks so content and peaceful!

Little foot propped up!
Out like a light!

Sew Busy!

As many of you know for Christmas my wonderful husband got me a new sewing/embroidery machine. Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy trying to figure out this new machine and have started several new projects and have several projects that I can't wait to do. I know that the golden rule is to never give your wife a gift with a plug but I will have to say that I am so glad I got a gift for Christmas that had a plug. I am currently waiting on the rest of the software to get here so I can work with more then just the basics that are on the current software. Chances are if you see Charlie these days he will be in a pair of pants made by me and a shirt made by either Molly or myself. The poor child of ours is going to be monogrammed and appliqued up and down.

My new machine an upgrade from my moms machine that was almost 30 years old!
The first Birp Cloth I did!
This stack of fabric is going to continue to grow!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No more Curls!

On Saturday we said good bye to Charlies curls. I was sad to see them go, my baby now looks like a big boy but it was time his hair was getting a little to long in the back and it was in his eyes. he wasn't to sure about sitting in the chair and had to let daddy go first before he would let them cut his hair. In the end he did a great job and we only had a few stray hairs that we had to take care of when we got home. I am pretty sure his favorite part of the whole thing was getting not one, not 2, not 3 but 4 suckers (they all kept getting hair on them so we had to get a new one to keep him occupied) which last a good hour and a half. Hope everyone enjoys the picture so my big boy!
My hair is out of my eyes!
Look how short it is in the back!
I am such a crazy little boy!

Tight Spaces!

I guess we never really realized what kind of places Charlie likes to hang out in. The other night we were hanging out on the coach and we heard Charlie laughing behind us. I thought that was kind of weird since we really didn't think there was enough room for him to sneak behind the couch. I guess that is what we get for thinking because Charlie made it in between the tiny gap between the couch and the window and he was quite proud of himself. I am sure this will not be the last time we find him hiding out and playing!

I'm about to get in some trouble!
Sliding into the tiny gap!
I have made it a good 2 fee in and I hope I don't get stuck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas with the Cousins Part 2!

The final round of Christmas was spent at the Beach with PePa, RaRa, Uncle Greg, Aunt Molly, Lane and Kakie. On the 30th we headed to the beach to celebrate Christmas, my Birthday and New Years with the grandparents and the cousins. It was a great get away and the kids had so much fun playing in the big house with PePa and RaRa, swimming in the pool and visiting the beach. It was a little cold while we were down there so we didn't get to spend to much time on the beach but the time we did spend was fun.

On New Years Eve we celebrated Christmas one final time, Lane just couldn't wait to open the presents and had to wake Josh up on the 31st so everyone could open presents. After all the presents were open we had to take things out of boxes and put toys together for the kids. I am pretty sure we could have just given them the boxes and they would have been just as happy. We all rang in the New Year by eating dinner together and watching some guy jump over the water on to a barge, I know very exciting.

New Years day we enjoyed relaxing in the morning and then we watched the Auburn game, which was full of excitement most of which I missed because my mom, Molly and I decided to hit up the outlets while the guys watched the game and the kids. On Saturday the guys golfed and we took the kids to the Hang Out for Lunch and to play in the "big sand box". After lunch we came back to the house and I took Charlie swimming while Kakie napped and Lane rested. CP had so much fun swimming and splashing, I decided that he will be taking swimming lessons come this summer, he is going to be my little fish.

We were suppose to head out for dinner at a new restaurant but Charlie had different plans for Josh and I. Before we got dressed and ready CP was acting fussy and he wanted to cuddle with me. He had been cuddling for a few minutes and then it happened, mommy got thrown up all over. Josh and I thought that it was the milk he had earlier and just though it was a fluke and decided to bathe him and get him ready. After his bath we put him down for a little cat nap before we headed out to dinner. I woke him up right before we were leaving and he was still a little out of it. I got downstairs and we were about to walk out the door when he threw up again. It was all over me, my new clothes, Charlie's new clothes, the floor and my shoes. At that point we decided to send mom and dad on to dinner and we stayed home. Charlie was so cuddly and just wanted to rest, by the time everyone was back from dinner he was ready to play again, this lasted a short while before he wanted to snugly up to mommy again. He didn't get sick anymore after that but still was a very cuddly little boy for two days, which this mommy loves. On Sunday we had to leave the beach behind and head back to reality.

I will have to say that this Christmas, Birthday and New Years have been the best yet and I am looking forward to what 2010 holds for our family. Happy New Year to Everyone!

Opening Presents again!
Kakie playing on New Years Eve!
Still trying to open this present!
Lane Loving all her new gifts!
PePa with the two crazy toddlers!

Christmas with the Cousins Part 1!

The day after Christmas we headed to Chattanooga to spend Christmas with PePa, RaRa, Great Aunt Susan, Uncle Donald, Aunt Miss and Brooks. Unfortunately we didn't get very many pictures while we were there but we did have fun opening even more presents, watching football, eating and playing with everyone.

It was great to see Aunt Susan too since we hadn't seen her since our big trip to New York and New Jersey last summer, she definitely could tell a lot of differences between 19 month old Charlie and 2 month old Charlie. Hopefully we will get to see her before Charlie turns 3. After our fun day in Chattanooga we all headed home exhausted from the festivities.

Me with two sweet little boys!

Charlie was jealous of Mommy holding Brooks!

Merry Christmas!

I know Christmas was almost 2 weeks ago but things have just now settled down and I am getting a chance to catch up on my blogging. Charlie's second Christmas was great, he had so much fund opening his presents this year and playing with all the paper and bows. From Santa Charlie got a new tricycle, which he loves, he also got several other toys, puzzles, books and clothes. I am pretty sure that as far as toys and books go he is good for a long while. I know this year he still doesn't understand the real meaning of Christmas but I know as the years go on he will begin to understand more and more what the season is about and it just isn't about all the gifts even though they are fun.

It was such a wonderful Christmas and I love watching the joy through a Child's eye it truly is magical!

Before Candle Light Service at Church!
Playing with my new Tricycle from Santa!
I don't really like candy canes but I have one right now!
Such a silly boy having so much fun!
Mommy helping me open my new toy!