Monday, April 27, 2009

I Love BOB!

I took CP for a run the other day and it is amazing how going along for the ride will make a little boy tired. He really loves his BOB, if he is going for a run he is almost guaranteed to fall asleep, this does not hold true for walks though he will stay up for the whole walk.

All Tuckered out!
Should Mom be the one Sleeping?

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

CP has graduated from mushy baby food to big boy food and boy does it make him happy. He still only has 2 teeth but those little teeth do the job for our little man. As you can see on the plate below he had hot dog, cheese and fruit for dinner and he ate every last bit of it.

Mom this stuff is yummy!

A Boy and His Dixie Dog!

Dixie was just laying around and minding her own business on Sunday, when a little visitor showed up to play.

She saw him coming and figured she wouldn't move and if she just kept real still he would pass her by and she could continue to nap. After all she had a pretty rough day with getting a bath and all.
The little boy had other plans and he decided to reach out and pet Dixie. As usual Dixie just stayed there most likely thinking maybe now he will go away and I can get back to my nap.
CP man decided he would go ahead and sit down and just hang out with his dog for a minute. Dixie dog was happy there was no more hitting, I mean petting going on.
The break didn't last to long before CP man decided that sitting was no fun and that he really just wanted to bother his sleeping puppy dog.

Thankfully Dixie loves Charlie and while all this was taking place she sat there like such a good girl and let her brother play with her for a little while.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rocky Top!

On Saturday we headed up to Knoxville for the Orange and White game, it was no Auburn football game but we still had a great time. Charlie definitely got the first class treatment for his first football game. Our day started out at Joe and Becca's where we ate breakfast with them and Travis and Aftin.

After that we headed to campus for our first class tour of the athletic facilities. We toured the new football facilities and Charlie man even got to crawl around on the locker room floor which not many little kids can say. After we finished with the football tour we headed to the Basketball Arena to check it out, Charlie decided that it was nap time and much like his mommy he didn't care to much for the basketball portion of the day. After we finished there we went over to the softball and soccer field. We put Charlie down in the grass and he was not a very happy kid, I guess we never realized that he hadn't been in the grass and he really didn't like it. The finally stop on the tour was the new aquatic center, which was very nice and made me feel a little bit at home .

Our tour was finished and we headed to Vol Walk to see Smokey, the new coach and the players. Charlie stood with his daddy and they high fived the players and clapped for them as they walked by. We then headed to the game when that was over and we definitely had first class seating in our sky box. We watched the game, Charlie played a little and he even caught a quick cat nap while Josh and I watched the game and enjoyed catching up with friends. It was a great day and on our way home Charlie took a nice long nap after his very busy day.

The Wood's in the Sky Box!
Watching whats going on!
Daddy and Charlie
Watching the game
I don't like this grass stuff!
Look at me Fly high!
Crawling in the locker room!
In front of the lockers!
Napping after a long day!

Eleven Eventful Months!

Once again the last month has flown by and Charlie is continuing to amaze us more and more everyday. He is quite the character these days giggling and babbling up a storm. I think his new favorite thing to do is to blow raspberries especially while we are driving. Charlie also loves to dance his favorite song right now seems to be "All Star", it is on one of his toys and as soon as he hears it he starts to wiggle and swing his arms. He is just as fast as ever and he loves his new found mobility. Our little guy has also started to stand on his own and his balance is getting better everyday. We fear it won't be long before he is walking and we can't catch him.

I find it hard to believe that in one short month I will be writing about our little guys First birthday. I picked up his invitations today and I still can hardly believe that this year has gone by so fast, I guess we better hold on because the years are only going to get faster.

Look at me Standing!
I love bath time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Waiting on Daddy!

Today Josh was outside watering the yard and CP and I were inside playing. I got up to do something and came back to find Charlie watching Josh through the front door. It appears as though he was waiting for his daddy to come back in side as well as trying to get his attention while he was outside.
Watching and Waiting
Where did daddy go?
I think I heard him come inside I better go check out!

Happy Easter!

Charlie had a great first Easter but he was one tired little boy when the day was done. He began his day by looking through his Easter Basket and playing with his new toys. Charlie then went to Church and had fun playing with all his friends in the nursery. After Church CP came back and took a little cat nap before we headed over to Rachel and Jason's house to celebrate Easter afternoon with family. By the time we got home around 5:00 Charlie had already melted down and was ready for a nap which turned into bed time he woke up long enough to have dinner and then went right back to sleep and slept until this morning.

All in all Charlie's first Easter was great and as he continues to grow up we will make sure that he knows that Easter isn't just about eggs, bunnies and Easter baskets but it is such a special day because Jesus died so we could live.
Happy Easter!
Mommy and Charlie Easter Morning
Isaac, Charlie and Isabella

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big 100!

This is our 100th post and I wanted to share a quick picture of CP taking a nap. He had been crying and babbling for about 30 minutes and the monitor finally went silent. I went to check to see if he had fallen asleep and I found him like this, with his little rear end in the air. I am pretty sure he got so tired he simple fell asleep while sitting up and just fell over like this. Oh how we love this little boy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Move!

It didn't take long for Charlie to figure out his form when it comes to crawling. He has gone from the "army crawl" or "worm" in to full on speed crawling up on all fours. He is definitely keeping us on our toes these days and the days of leaving him to play while we check on something are long gone.

Tonight I walked out of the family room where Charlie was playing to go get something in the kitchen, I was maybe in there 30 seconds and I cam walking around the corner to find Charlie in the kitchen playing with his daddy's shoes. That little boy of ours made it clear across the family room and into the kitchen in no time. I guess he is just getting us ready for when he starts walking, I mean running because we will never be able to catch him.

This week was also a big week for Josh, Charlie and I, I was gone for 2 nights to do some training for work and Josh and Charlie got to hang out and have a few guy nights. Daddy and little boy had so much fun but Mommy sure did miss her boys and Dixie dog too. I was so excited on Wednesday when I came home and I know Charlie was so happy to see me when I got him at school. I did fine away from my boys but it sure is not something I would not want to do every week I definitely felt that a part of me was missing while I was away.

I love to listen to music and dance

Relaxing on the Weekend!
Look at me go!
Juice and NOGGIN
Caught Red Handed!