Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful Thoughts!

I know it is the day after Thanksgiving but we have so much to be thankful for this year. Not only do we have one healthy 2 year old but we have another little boy that is going to join our family in a few short days! We have a wonderful family who loves us and support us and are there to help out in any way we may need them. We have a house over our head, food on our table, transportation and clothes to keep us warm. Now more then ever I realize that it is the little things in life that make it so wonderful! I may not get to shop all I want and have all the latest and greatest thing but I have a little boy that I get to come home to every night who loves me more then anything and a husband that is willing do do anything for our family and that in itself means the world to me.

Other things I am also thankful for these days that aren't so sappy are coupons. I can't tell you how much we have saved over the last year just by watching deals and using coupons and we have not had to sacrifice the foods we love. Prilosec and Tylenol, I would have been beyond miserable this entire pregnancy without being able to take either of these two medications. My daily Diet Coke, there are just some days I don't think I can function without it, I am a little worried Coleman may be born addicted to them! My last Dr. appointment on Monday because it means that we are at the end of this pregnancy and are going to finally meet Coleman! And last thing I can come up with right now is my maternity dresses, I am just not comfy in pants and dresses have been my best friend over the last month.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and didn't eat to much!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiny Stubborn Baby!

Yesterday, I was suppose to get a sneak peak at baby Coleman and finally get to see his little profile. Well our stubborn baby had other plans and we were unable to get the great profile shot we have of CP at the same time. This little guy has been pretty shy all along and really doesn't want to give us any great glimpses until he makes his way into the world. I did however get to see his little heart and all four chambers, his brain, his functioning kidney's and his little tummy which all looked perfect!

As suspected baby Coleman is going to be little like his brother, yesterday he was measuring a little over 34 weeks (I am 36) and I was told he was about 5lbs. So that means if (a big if) he gains on average of an ounce a day for the next three weeks he will weight about 6lbs8oz at birth, right around the same size as his big brother! Thankfully Dr. Stone wasn't worried at all but quite happy that we confirmed there was a little buddy growing inside of me that I should be able to push out on my own, which is what I pray for daily. It was also confirmed yesterday that my body is doing what it needs to be doing right now and I am starting to dilate on my own (just like Charlie) but both Dr. Stone and I agreed we really don't want baby Coleman coming until the 6th so his little lungs can continue to develop for a few more weeks because little white boys lungs take a little longer to develop then most. I will go back for two more appointments and then it will be "D Day" and I pray that my labor and delivery with baby Coleman go as smooth s they did with Charlie!

Monday, November 15, 2010

36 Weeks and the Name!

It has been quite some times since I gave an offical update on the newest CPW. First of all he finally has a name and his big brother is calling him the correct name. For those that do not know his name is Coleman Price Wood and he will go by Coleman!

We are still set to evict baby Coleman on December 6th and this mommy couldn't be happier. Not that I have had a hard pregnancy but I am at the end and I just hurt all the time now, especially with constant feet in my ribs and one wiggly little guy with very little wiggle room left. Today I will be going to the Doctor to get a weight check ultrasound on this little guy, I suspect he is going to be about the same size as his big brother as I am carrying identical to him and my belly is about the same size. If for some reason they tell me he is going to be a big baby I may have to discuss with Dr. Stone about evicting him sooner but as far as measurements have gone he has been measuring pretty average to this point.

Let the whirlwind of the next three weeks begin. With the Holidays fast approaching and there still being quite a bit of stuff to do at home I suspect that the next three weeks will pass quickly!

CP and his Buddy Coop = Double Trouble
CP and Anna Dancing
Mrs Brandy caught this sweet photo of my Baby Boy!