Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dare Devil

I thought Charlie needed a little blog love since it seems that his brother has had a few post lately. Here is a video of our little Dare Devil riding his tractor backwards, he would much rather ride this way then how he is suppose to. I still can't believe he will be three in a little over a month he is getting to be such a big kid!

Like a Rolling Stone!

It appears Coleman has had a few big things happen over the last several days. This morning he was enjoying some tummy time (or as much as he could enjoy it) when he decided to roll over from belly to back. I went back to check and it appears that Charlie was about the same age when he rolled from belly to back for the first time as well!

Enjoy the video it may be a little dark because we did not have any lights on but you can still get the picture! My baby is growing up!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grins and Giggles!

Coleman is getting so big yesterday morning I was playing with him while Josh was feeding Charlie breakfast and he started giggling at me. I could not get him to do it again for Josh but finally last night when we were all playing he started to giggle again and Josh was able to capture it on video!

Back in Business!

We are back in business, a big thank you to Josh for fixing the computer so I can now share pictures again!
Both boys are still doing great and their is not much to report so enjoy the few pictures I uploaded tonight!

CP1 Loves to hold CP2

CP2 is getting so big and is such a sweat heart

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather has been perfect and most mornings you will find me pushing these two boys around the neighborhood in the morning. I will have to say that pushing the stroller alone is a great workout especially when going up hills!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Having Problems!

So I am still having problems loading pictures on the blog I just keep getting errors. I am going to have Josh work on it tonight to see if maybe he can figure it out for me. I even tried loading the pictures onto the computer to see if that would help but no suck luck.

Even without pictures I wanted to give a quick update on Coleman. We went to the doctor last Monday and he is continuing to gain. He was up to 10lb80z, which means he gained 14 ounces in 13 days and is right on track so we won't have to go back until he is 4 months old, which is next month and I can't believe.

So for now that is all the news I have and I hope that I can get my picture issues worked out and can give you some updated pictures of my boys, they are both getting so BIG!