Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Time!

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to see how Charlie would like the pool, so I had Josh get Dixies little pool and fill it up in the backyard. I got Charlie all ready in his little swimsuit, which is still huge on him but hopefully by the time we go to the beach over Labor Day it will fit. After he was all ready I took him outside and put him in the pool and he didn't seem to mind it at all. It was a little colder then his bath so I was sure how he would react but he seemed okay with it after the initial shock. As is Dixies custom she decided she needed to get in with him so the two of them hung out in the pool for a little while. Charlie sat there as I held him and Dixie stood and drank the water because she thinks it is one big watering hole. We plan on taking Charlie to the big pool next weekend in hopes that he will love the water as much as we do.

Here are a few snapshots of Charlies Kiddie pool adventure as well as a few from the week when he was playing on his play mat.

Getting in for the first time
Sitting Down and avoiding the Sun
Dixie Joining in the Fun
Mom and Charlie on the Slid resting
Charlie Hugging Dixie
Play mat TimeMy Naked Baby

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Month and so Much More!

On Saturday Charlie turned one month old and I know everyone says it, but my how that first month flew by. In this past month he has changed and grown so much. Both Josh and I can't believe how blessed we are to have this little guy in our lives.

On Charlies one month birthday we were at Lake Martin for Megan and Chips wedding. Charlie got to see his PeePaw and RaRa as they also came for the wedding. He was very well behaved at the wedding and reception and didn't mind being passed around to everyone. Charlie danced the night away with me at the reception and by the time we left he was getting fussy, lets face it he had a very long day and to only get fussy then was a blessing. This was Charlies first wedding as well as first time staying in a hotel and being away from home for a few days. Josh and I are happy to say he did well with the change but we were are very happy to be home and back to a routine on Monday.

On Sunday we celebrated Josh's first Fathers Day with lunch at home with my parents. Charlie got his daddy a T-Shirt and card for his first Fathers Day. After lunch PeePaw and RaRa headed back to Chattanooga and Shug and Pop's and Uncle Jordan came over for the afternoon. While they were here Charlie watched his fist of many US Opens with his daddy. All in all I think Josh had a pretty good first Fathers Day.

On Tuesday I took Charlie to get his first shot and I was definitely not looking forward to it. Thank the Lord Charlie did okay, only a few tears were shed by both of us. He also was weighted while we were there and is now 8 lbs 11oz. I would have to say our little man is growing like a weed and we couldn't be happier. He will not go back to the doctor until his 2 month check up when he will have to get 4 shots, which could make for an unhappy baby and mommy.

As usual we didn't get any pictures from the wedding because I forgot to get the camera out of the car. Thanks to my parents though we should have some from the wedding very soon. Until then here are a few for everyone to look at.

Josh and Charlie on Fathers Day

Daddy and Charlie Watching TV

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charlie and Dixie Pictures

These pictures were just to cute not to share.

Charlie looking at Dixie
Dixie resting her head on the Boppy
Dixie being sweet to Charlie
Ready for bed

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

The big news for Charlie this week is that he has graduated from his bassinet to his crib. On Monday we started a bed time routine that Charlie will hopefully adjust to in a few days. He seems to have a hard time going down but once he is down he is a happy little boy and only wakes up once around 2 or 3 to eat and then goes right back down with no fussing until about 5 or 6. I am still having a hard time with the fact that he isn't right next to me, but I am sure it will get easier as the days and weeks pass. Josh and I both feel this is the best thing for him and will make him an even happier baby.

Charlie has also graduated from the sponge bath to the baby bath tub. He was not to keen on the sponge baths, he would scream except for when he was getting his hair washed, but he seems to love his real bath. He is generally crying before he gets in because he is cold, but as soon as he gets in the crying switch is turned off and he is as happy as a clam. The only problems I have encountered with the bath are that he likes to drink the soapy water and slid down all the way in and he really hates getting out. He gets the love of the water from him mommy, apparently daddy didn't like to get a bath as a baby.

This weekend Charlie will be going on his first overnight trip to Lake Martin for Megan wedding. Now is the time that Josh and I will find out if he can sleep well in an unfamiliar place. I think he will do fine but some babies just can't get settled when they don't know where they are, here's to hoping he is not one of those babies.

And last but not least a few picture for your viewing pleasure. I have to run now my sleeping baby is starting to stir.

Sleeping in his crib

Loving his bath

Trying to drink the water

Fussy little boy

Monday, June 2, 2008

Meeting Kakie and 3 Week Check Up

On Sunday Josh, Charlie and I all headed to Atlanta to meet Baby Kakie and to visit with Greg, Molly and Lane. This was Charlies first road trip and he did pretty well, on the way down he got fussy about 10 minutes before we got to there house and on the way home he slept the entire time. I guess he was tired from his play date with his cousins Lane and Kakie. I can't wait to watch Charlie and Kakie grow together and see how much trouble the two of them get in to.

Lane holding Charlie and Kakie
Charlie sitting on the couch
Kakie and Charlie

Today was Charlies 3 week check up and he is doing great. He now weights 7lbs7oz, which means he is gaining about 2 ounces a day, and is 20 3/4" long. He had to get his foot pricked today, which I think was harder on me then him, he didn't cry to much I think getting in his car seat was a more traumatic experience for him. We will go back in 2 weeks for shots and then in a month for his 2 month check up to make sure he is still gaining weight like he has over the last 2 weeks.
Daddy and Charlie