Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter in Alabama!

Only in Alabama are we wearing shorts on Saturday and Sunday and then by Thursday we are playing in some honest to goodness snow! I am so glad the weather men got this one right because rest assured I had one 4 year old who was dead set on playing in the snow today, thanks to his teachers he was aware that it was a possibility!
I decided to cut quite/nap time short for everyone today, I must have lost my mind, but I didn't want my kids to miss out on a chance to play in the snow especially since it might be years before we get anymore. We all got dressed in what we consider winter gear in the south and we headed out. I have since decided that I need to invest in some rain boots for Coleman too, tennis shoes were not a good option, he came in with some very cold and wet feet!

Fortunately Coleman didn't seem to bad off as he was kicking and screaming when we came in because he just wanted to stay out and play. God love this child he is the easiest going little boy that there ever was and his very wet feet did not bother him one bit, he just wanted to play like big brother!
 After about two hours of playing and waiting thinking daddy would be home any minute (he was stuck in traffic), I thought it was in the best interest of my kids and myself that we come in and get warm. At this point was when the meltdown occurred, I had one child who wanted to stay out and run around and one who wanted to build a snowman with the big kids across the street. Thankfully daddy was not to far away and he took just the boys out to have a snowball fight when he got home, and man were those boys happy!
All in all we had a great and fun day playing in all this wonderful fluffy, cold, wet, white snow. I may have been a little wet and cold all while trying to keep a little one warm who also came out to play in the snow, because lets face it I didn't want to miss the opportunity for her to enjoy her first snow. I  do realize I am making memories and when snow graces us with its presence we just have to take advantage of all it even at the meager age of 6 months!
So very glad I am now inside in the warmth of my home and I know one baby girl who is also pretty excited about it but I am also glad we actually got to enjoy a day playing outside in the middle of what has been a pretty rainy and mild winter. I wonder how we will have to dress in the next 7 days, will we be bundled up or will we be strutting around in short sleeves again? It is forever a guessing game when you live in Alabama in the winter!

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